Chapter 2- First day troubles

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I wake up feeling a bit drowsy. I think I had too much wine yesterday.

I can hardly remember all the events of yesterday. With that same drowsy feeling, I get off bed and head to the bathroom. Where I have my shower and fix my messy hair. I get dressed for school in a cute gown and cute shoes. I let my hair down and grab my phone. With that, I’m out of my room and heading downstairs. I get downstairs and meet my sister eating breakfast.

My mom’s obviously not around because she leaves for work really early. “Isn’t that gown too short?” my sister said “mind your business alexa” I replied. I didn’t feel like having breakfast so I grabbed my backpack and headed to the door. “Anna, aren’t you having breakfast?” she asked “Like I said, mind your business okay?” I replied sounding frustrated and with that I left.

The last thing I needed that morning was my sister getting her nose all up in my business.  I’ve got to look my best for school. It’s not easy being cool.

  I couldn’t take my car because I hadn’t got my driver’s license yet. So I called a taxi to pick me up. I cared less about how alexa was going to get to school.
She was smart enough to take care of herself. The taxi picked me up and dropped me off at school. As I got off the taxi, I proudly walked in with all eyes on me. I was like the queen bee.  I was the girl who no one wanted to mess with. I gallantly entered the school with all eyes still on me. The hallways were crowded with people since it was the first day of school.  There were several freshmen standing in the hallways. They ranged from super nerdy freshmen to super cute freshmen. I walked down the hallways and reached my locker. Standing by my locker, were my BFFs; Emma and Carissa. During first days of school, we all met up by my locker and talked and talked and talked. Most times, it’s about what we spent our holidays doing and cute guys. We always ended up being late to class and this day was no exception.
The bell rang and we had to start leaving for class. I had English first period while Emma and Carissa had French class so they left for their class.
As I started to leave for English class, I suddenly had this shivering feeling, it felt like I was being watched. I looked behind me only to be met by the empty hallways. I shook off the feeling and kept walking. After a few steps, the feeling came back and I looked behind me once again but all I saw were the empty hallways again. I continued walking this time a lot faster hoping the feeling won’t come back.
I reached my class, and all eyes were on me because I was entering the class 15 minutes late.
I didn’t even bother giving an excuse because everyone already knew that I did this every first day of school. I took my seat at the front row and the same creeping feeling I felt earlier came back. This time when I turned around, while everyone was facing the front listening to what the teacher had to say, my eye caught the appearance of a girl with waist-length black hair staring at me.  Her long black hair covered a portion of her eye and most of her face such that I could only her left eye and half of her lip.
Usually, a person staring at me isn’t a problem but this particular one gave me the creeps. She never blinked all her dark green eyes ever looked at was me. I most times don’t pay attention in English class but this case was an exception.
I needed something to get my mind off the scary girl staring at me.
Luckily, English class ended and I rushed out of the class to my locker.
There I took deep breaths, reassuring myself that she was just caught by my appearance but inside of me, I knew it wasn’t just that. There was something odd about this girl.
I didn’t bother stressing myself over it as I went for my next class.
The day seemed to drag by but finally it was lunchtime. I headed down to the cafeteria.  Emma and Carissa were already waiting for me and I joined them there. I met them talking about something and Carissa had an angry look on her face. “Carissa, what’s wrong” I asked with a concerned look on my face. Before Carissa could answer, Emma spoke. “Take a guess. Who would annoy Carissa to this extent” she said giving me an isn’t it obvious look. I immediately knew what the problem was. It was Marissa; Carissa’s twin sister.
Marissa is the exact opposite of Carissa. She’s quiet, reserved, smart, a nerd. Basically, she’s an older version of my sister.
Carissa then started to explain what had happened between her and her twin sister but I wasn’t paying attention because my eyes caught the appearance of the same girl staring at me during English class. She was sitting in a deserted corner of the cafeteria where no one sits even the nerds.
This time around, I returned the stare but I immediately regretted it when an evil grin started to form on her face. It was just like the ones used in movies when a villain’s scheme is going as planned.
I faced my food but didn’t touch a grain of it as my mind kept pondering on the scary girl.
Why was she always staring and what was that evil grin all about?
I didn’t look up for the rest of lunch; my eyes were fixed on my food. I didn’t even notice when Emma and Carissa left.

After lunch, I stopped at my locker to grab my books, when a folded piece of paper fell out. I opened it and it was a note.

Hey stranger, or should I say FRIEND.
You may not know me or should I say you used to know me.
Anyways, in due time you’ll know me.
And this time, I’ll be too Hard to ignore.
p.s I loved that look on your face.
-Anonymous FRIEND.
I felt a cold shiver running down my spine. My bones got the chills and I felt as frightened as ever.
It didn’t take me too long to suspect that scary girl but what did she mean by I was her friend and that in due time, she’ll be too hard to ignore.
I felt like telling my BFFS but I felt like they would just make a joke out of everything. So I kept it to myself.
After a few periods, it was time for cheerleading practice and I headed to the bathroom to change.
I was the captain of the cheerleading team so I had to get there on time.
I entered the bathroom to change. While changing, I discovered that my cheerleading outfit was no longer in my bag. I searched for it everywhere but couldn’t find it.
I reached for my clothes but discovered they weren’t there.
I felt like breaking down to cry. There was no way I could leave the bathroom with no clothes on and my phone was in my locker. I had left it there while rushing to the bathroom.
I had to figure a way out with clothes on.  Almost immediately, I saw a cheerleader outfit hung by the wash hand basin. I didn’t care to know who owned it or what it was doing there as I immediately put it on.
I rushed out of the bathroom because I was already late for cheerleading practice.
As I got out on the field, I noticed all the cheerleaders on the bleachers not excluding Emma and Carissa. I started walking towards the bleachers when I noticed that everyone was staring at me.
Honestly, I was tired of all the stares I had got that day. I wished it would all stop. Then my wish came to pass. They all stopped staring instead they started staring and giggling.
At first I was confused, but as I came closer the giggles became louder and louder.
It seemed they were laughing at me. But why the heck would they be laughing at me.
I paused to take a quick scan of myself and discovered that the cheerleading outfit stopped above my knee and thigh and the top was very low on the neck exposing most of my chest. And the outfit had some tears and smudges.

I suddenly started to feel exposed as I ran back inside.

I entered the bathroom and immediately broke down. I started to sob and the sobs turned into big rivers of tears.

I didn’t know what hurt more if it was the fact that I had publicly disgraced myself or that my BFFs were also making fun of me. 
AWWW! Troubles on the first day of school.
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