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Harper's POV

Even though we'd only been together for a few months I could tell Brook wanted more. His hands travelled further and his eyes clouded with lust more than once every time we were alone.

We'd had a few drinks tonight because we were in the mood, not enough to get us drunk but enough to make us slightly hazy.

Currently I was laying on my back in my bed with Brook resting half his body over me and our legs intertwined, my left arm was wrapped over his waist to support him as my right was resting underneath my head. At first Brooks fingers were delicately tracing my collar bone before slowly moving them down to trace the faint outline of my abs. It was comforting but everytime he would redo the action, I felt him go slightly lower until eventually he'd start softly tracing over my clothed dick purposely becuase he knew what it would do. He wouldn't stop, especially when he realised I started to become hard. "B" I warned. He let out a little giggle and continued.
"I swear Brooklyn"
"I'm not doing anything"
"Clearly, if you don't stop I'm going to have to take you right here"
"Please do" I was so tempted to flip us over so I was on top but I didn't want to give in to him easily.
"Please Harper"
"B I don't want to feel like you're rushing into anything plus we've had a few drinks, what if you're a bit hazy?"
"I promise you I'm perfectly sober and I know I'll remember this all in the morning"
"You really sure you want to do this"
"Yes, I really want this Harper" I gave in then moving to be on top of him and kissing him roughly.


I'm going to leave you with this.
I've been trying to write smut for ages but I just feel weird doing it considering I never have done before

I wanted to tease you a little though so hope you enjoyed ❤️

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