Chapter 1: Vault 2 Introduction

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Welcome to our terrifying Vault!

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Welcome to our terrifying Vault!

Hey Wattpadders, Halloween Vault 2 is back! We all had a splendid time last year and let's hope this year will be the same if not, even better.

For the second time, we're bringing you STUPENDOUS activities such as prompts, scavenger hunt and other surprises that will be hosted for the WHOLE month of OCTOBER. Yeah, you've heard right! A whole spooky month!

Whether you're a reader, a writer or both, you can join all the fun programs that are going to be hosted by 26 ambassadors-managed English profiles and 17 international profiles. 

Check out these amazing 26 English profiles and be sure to be a part of their Vault: sport , foodkart , superhero , BeyondSol , NA , mystery , werewolf , WattpadDarkFantasy , WattpadVampires , Magic , AbleWorld , generalfiction , WattpadUrbanFantasy , crime , dystopianapocalypse , ChallengeCorner , CoffeeCommunity , kpop , WattpadHornsandHalos , GothicLit , anime , YASciFantasy , FanFic , WattpadAfterDark , highfantasy . 

Halloween Vault 2 is also hosted in these 17 International profiles, mainly if you are well-versed in Bahasa Melayu, Romanian or the Italian language, check these cool profiles out: 

AmbassadorsMyAmbassadorsRo , AmbassadorsITA , Fantasy_ITFantasiMY , FiksyenSainsMY , FanFiksyenMY , RomantikaMY , PuisiMY , HistoricalFictionIT , TenebrisIT , Romance_Ro , FantasyRo , VampiresRo , FanFicRo , FictionRo and UndiscoveredBooksRo . 

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