chapter 20❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Heyyyy everyone I changed what Jackson looks like I hope you like it!!!!!!

Luke's pov

Right when we got back to the house the boys want to get ready for a party, they told me to call them if anyone shows up aka Oliver and his friends. I'm alone in the house, in my room looking at pictures before Oliver got so bad, I can remember when me and him would go out on the beach at night listening to our favorite band and looking at the stars, I was thing back when I get a text.                                                                                                                                                                                 Owen; We should talk about what happened in the car today. I never lost my feelings for you and in my eyes you have not ether, I would love to take you out on a date some time.                                   I just sat there looking at my phone, do I actually have feelings for him or is it just he's the only person who's been nice like Oliver was like. Before I can finish my thoughts I her someone trying to get in my window I look over quickly and see it's just Jackson, but he doesn't look ok like he bleeding. I quickly get up and run over to the window and open it, " hey man I might need some help" he said with a small smile. I helped him in to my room and on my bed well he's the only boy I let on my bed well accept Oliver but I can't think about that stuff right now I need to help him and he should be happy I'm good at this stuff.

He sits on my bed with a bloody nose and some cuts but nothing to bad, " what the fuck happed? who the fuck did this to you?" I asked with a concentered voice, he just smile's at me " some of my dad's old friends found me and we had some.... words" he said with a laugh, I roll my eyes at him " did you just roll your eyes at me?" he asked, the fear I have felt for most of my life came floding back to me, I quickly look away from him, please don't hit me please don't hit me I begged to my self. The next thing I know he had his hand on my cheng and turned my head back to him, " no need to turn away from me I was going to say how cute it was" he said with this smile and this look in his eyes I never seen before, it's like his eyes where full with lustv, it makes me feel something I haven't felt in a long time. I can remember what he said when I told him I left Oliver for good this time.                                                                                                                                   flash back to the car ride home after Owen kissed me I was in shock that everything just happed, but I know one person I have to tell and that's my best friend. me; I did it, I brack up with Oliver for good this time I'm done with his bullshit I want to be happy, I love him but I think it's time for me foucks on my self. Anddd I have to tell you something else my brother childhood friend just kissed me and I don't know how to feel about it lol. best friendddddd; finllyyyyyy you left that bastard he needs to get his teeth kicked in, I'm realyy happy for you Luke I want the best for you. And well was he a good kisser? lollll. flash back over.

I texted him back saying how Owen was a ok kisser but he never texted back and I see know why he didn't. I get up to go get the first aid kit in my bathroom, I put it down next to him " is this going to hurt doctor?" he said with puppy dog eyes I just laugh at him " if you let me do what have to do it won't.... that bad" I said to him, we look at each other and laugh. I told him to take his shirt off I never seen him with no shirt and I didn't know he had so many tattoos I knew that he had them but nothing what I saw when he took his shirt off, all of them where so awesome they look like they should be on him. I start to take care of his wounds, I take my time with it so it did not hurt him, I get to the last wound on his face witch is on his left eyebrow, as I done with it we make eye contact. When you look in to his eyes you can tell his been through some stuff that must people will never understand, I would never understand. I look down from his eyes to his tattoo on the upper right of his face ' this is art' it says I wound why he got that tattoo, from that tattoo I move down to his lips his sweet looking lips that for some reason I wish I would just kiss for hours on end, then it happened.

He bent over to my lips and kissed me, I kiss him back, we pull away from each other quickly. we set there for a little bit just looking at each other, did we just really kiss? fuck he's going to hate me now. before I could say anything he spoke " I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that" he said as he was looking at his hands, I moved closer to him and grab his face and make him look at him, " I didn't know you liked that stuff." I said with a smile, " yeah I never told you but I swing both ways" he said with a red face, I just start to laugh he looks at me confused " why are you laughing" he said with a smile " I just don't believe it" I look at him and he looks at me and we start to laugh. Before I know it he has my chin in his hands again and his eyes meet mine I feel that feeling again that feeling like your falling for someone you would never image that would fall for you but has, I put my hand on his check. He puts his arms around my hips , I start to moan just a little bit. The next thing I know he pulls me down on to his lap, I can feel all of him and I mean all of him, lets just say he's big maybe as big as Oliver or maybe a little bigger. I take my hands up and down his abs fuck I really want him so fucking bad! he pulls away from me and smirks at me he moves his hips up makes my head go back and makes me moan out, "mmm fuck I want you" he moans out, he starts kissing and sucking my neck.

He helps me take off my shirt off before I would cover up my bruises, he starts kissing them lightly, after he kissed every single one he looks me dead in the eye " I will never hurt you like he did, I have loved you since the day I first saw you" he said as he kissed me on my lips, I want him to make me feel what I never felt before I want him to make love to me. As like he read my mind he flips me over on to my back he takes his boxers off and I can see how big he is and he's looking really fucking big I can't wait, but before he does anything else he looks at me like asking it's ok and I nod my head he grins at me. He takes his hand down to my paints, but before he puts his hand down my paints he starts kissing my neck and start to suck, he finally sticks his hand into my paints I moan out, I can feel him smile on my neck. He starts to go up and down I can feel my self get harder and harder, he moves from kissing my neck to biting my ear, " please let me fuck you, I want you so fucking bad." He said in a breathlessly voice, " please fuck me" I say in a moan, he looks into my eyes with a big grin.

Next thing I know he's flipping me on my stomach, he pulls my paints and underwear down slowing down like he's making sure I really want to do this, I really never had this feeling before I love it. As soon as he pulls my paints down he sticks a finger in me, I arch my back when he does so, god I want him so fucking bad. He takes his finger out of me I hear him opening a condom, the next thing I feel his him sticking him self in me, it feels amazing I can say this is better then any time I was with Oliver. He goes slow as first but I can tell, he's having a good time, we go at it for a least 20 minutes when I was about to cum and he was too we came at the same time, I wish this was my first time it was amazing but we can't always have good things but I think I found the man I want to be with, I know I shouldn't be thinking like this because I just got out of the relationship with Oliver but I want to be happy and I think he's going to. Me and Jackson were laying in my bed after cuddling, " I want to ask you something" he said to me " yeah?" I asked " would you maybe go out with me? listen I know you just brake up with Oliver but" before he finishes I stop him by kissing him, I pull away from him " I would love to" I said, I think this is the best for me, well I be continued

Hello lovely's I really hope you like this chapter if you did pleases let me know, do you like how I'm doing everything so far? I'm sorry about changing what Jackson looks like I like how he looks now when I made his character I imagine him like he his now, well bye bye for now......................................

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