Chapter 1 - Good Luck

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Linnea Lindberg

I got up because I heard someone knocking on my apartment like a crazy person. I quickly put on my robe and walked from my room to open the apartment door.

Who the hell dare to interupt my beautiful morning?

I opened my door and guess who? It's none other than Raphael. He brought his security team and gestured them to go inside. He looked at me coldly and I walked towards my living room crossing my legs as I looked at people trying inspecting my apartment.

One of them brought the man that I slept with tonight out from me room completely naked.

"Baby.. who are they?" Greg asked me as he looked at all of them confuse. Raphael gestured the guards to get rid of him and I rolled my eyes. I leaned my body back to the sofa and Raphael looking at me angrily.

"What?" I asked.

"Are you seriously going to behave like this?" He asked me and I got up from my seat.

"What are you doing here? Aren't you suppose to be in London?" I asked as I walked towards the fridge to get ny green juice.

"Linnea, this isn't funny! You're behaving like a brad!" Raphael stopped me by holding on to my wrist.

"Why are you here? You're suppose to be having fun in London." I said as I pulled my wrist from him. I opened the fridge and took my green juice bottle.

"You're a Princess for godsakes! You have to go back to Sweden!"

"I am a Princess in Sweden but not here. I'm Leila Morretz here so.. you don't need to worry." I said as I opened my juice bottle.

"Your parents are very upset seeing you not wanting to go back to Sweden. I don't know why you're acting like this, Linnea.." I laughed when he said that and I ended up closing the juice bottle. I closed the fridge and turned to Raphael fully.

"Raphael, you're the one who opened my eyes. I mean you told me to have fun, be free and be happy so.. I'm here living my life, having fun and happy. Why are you making a fuss about it?" I asked as I poked his chest.

"You have to go back to Sweden, you have to rule!" He said coldly and I shook my head.

"I'll rule later.. I'm 23 and I don't see any connection between you and my duty to rule together. I don't even understand why are you here?" I said as I walked pass him and drank my green juice.

"Our parents wanted us to get married." He said and I stopped my track. I turned my body to him laughing.

"You and me? Get married? What? You're agreeing to this?" I asked and he looked at me angrily.

"Do you think I want to?"

"Then why are you here? All you need to do is tell them that you don't want to marry me. Easy peasy." I said and I walked to my room with Raphael tailing behind me.

"Can you just go back to Sweden first?" He asked and I sat down on my bed facing him.

"My parents know where I am and what I'm doing. They never make a fuss about me being here. You can go back to London and continue whatever you're doing." I said as I gestured him to leave.

"Then tell them to not arranged marriage us!" I looked at him sighing.

"I've been living in New York for almost 3 years, Raph. I told my parents that I will go back to Sweden when I turn 25. I want to have fun and-"

"People were wondering where their Princess went?! That's why you need to go back!"

"Fine.. fine.." I raised my hands as I got up from the bed.

"One question.. you want to marry me?" I smirked.

"Or maybe you're the one who wanted to marry me so bad.." He hissed and I laughed.

"Raphael.. do you hear yourself?" I asked.

"You're the one who confessed your undying love for me."

"You're just someoned I loved.. it's past tense. I don't love you love, I regreted that day.. that moment.." I said smirking and he looked at me shaking his head.

"I know why you rejected me, Raphael." I said as I crossed my arms in front of my chest.

"Easy.. because I don't like you." He said and I shook my index finger.

"You like me.. you're in love with me.. but you're ambition made you deny your feelings." I said and his eyes turned dark.

"If you knew my feelings.. then why doing all of this?"

"Raphael.. I just told you.. you're just someone I used to love. I don't love you anymore and besides.. I'm marrying Logan soon so.. you don't need to come to me and be angry because you and I have to get married." I said smiling sweetly at him and I walked towards my closet.

"Do you think this is funny?" Raphael asked.

"It's not."

"Then you need to cooperate with me and go back to Sweden together." He said in an angry tone and I turned to him as I took my black dress out from the closet.

"I'm not going back to Sweden."

"If you're not going back to Sweden, at least you need to behave! Being a model means selling your body for the whole world to know! You're on the billboards, magazines, social media with nothing but your hands to cover your body! You're the future Queen of Sweden and you should behave like one!" That made me so mad and I looked at him like I'm ready to kill.

"Just go back to London, Raphael. You're wasting your time coming here.."

"I can't go back to Sweden without taking you so.. I'll stay here until you're willingly to go back to Sweden with me."

"Goodluck.. then.."

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