Chp 4

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I woke up to talking outside the little cabin. I sleeply got up and walked to the door. I saw it was still night and I got confused. I walked toward the campfire and saw more people at the camp. As I arrived i saw Dwight talking to everyone. "Who's that." Some one said. They all looked at me and I went red from embarrassment. "That's y/n shes new, got here last night." Dwight told them. A girl walked up to me and stuck out her hand. "I'm Laurie Strode."  I took her hand and shook it." Y/N" i said. "Hey I know her." A girl said who I recognised. I looked around and saw a girl in a vest with a beanie on." What are you doing here." She said. I saw that it was Nea. She stood infront of me with an angry expression." At school everyone was looking for you and a search party was sent out, I joined because I wanted to help. And i got lost and ended up here." She seemed stumped." Didn't think anyone cared about me." She said walking away. A guy approached me with dreads and a denim jacket approached me." Adam nice to meet you." He said." Thanks." I said.
     I met some more people but there was a loud bell sound. "What's that." I asked. " it's a trial." Bill said. " Who's going up today." "Today it's me, Meg, Dave and y/n cuse shes new." I stood a bit shocked." I have to go." I whimpered." That or get tortured by the enitiy." Dave said. Not wanting either I just went for the less painful option. We all walked of into the woods and stood in a line next to an unlit campfire. "Run it again for me." I asked." Get in repair 5 Generators Open the Gate Get out. By the way pain is still a thing and you'll feel it first but you'll soon get used to it." Meg said. The camp fire roared to life and I blacked out.
      I woke up in a new place. A dark forest with a run down shack in the middle. I ran in the shacks direction and saw a generator on a balcony. I went upstairs and got on it. It seemed simple enough. Just had to connect some wires and turn some cogs. I decided to connect the red and red wire and sparks came of slightly but it seemed to work as a piston began to move. Content I decided to connect the green and green wire. They sparked and a explosion blew in my face. No burns but it was a extremely loud noise. I decided to connect it to the blue wire. Again sparked but another piston went off. I was happy with my progress until I felt my ears begin to throb. They started slow and then ramped up faster and faster as i heard creaking of stairs in my direction. I saw a red light and I moved as i didn't want to stay to see who it was coming up the stairs. Instead I decided to lie down in some grass. I watched as a girl in a Pig mask. Red trench coat blue jeans and black shoes. Come up the stairs and boot the generator as it exploded on contact. I saw a knife which seemed to come out her sleeve covered in blood and my heart stopped as she looked in my direction. I realised what I was wearing a red hoodie from Daniel black shorts and blue sneakers. She walked closer to me and I felt sick as she began to charge at me. I got up and ran in any direction I could. She was hot on my trail. I ran until I saw a ruin of some sort with a window. I ran up to it and jumped over it. Seems she had the same idea. I screamed for someone. I saw a werid looking object balanced on a the wall. A blue and red bit of wood. I ran over to it and quickly thinking I pulled it behind me and whacked the killer over the head. She let out a squeal and a small growl. I felt a bit bad her but it didn't deter me from running away. I can tell this made her angry because she smashed the wood with her foot put away her knife and full on sprinted at me. Adrenaline pumped into my veins as i seeked for any option but there was none.  I felt a sharp pain in my back as warm liquid pour out my back. I fell to the ground in pain and I could do anything but scream.
Amanda's POV

I hit her in the sweet spot where everyone goes down because of it. I loved it when she screamed because she hit me with one of those fucking stupid pallets. I grabbed her hoodie and slinged her over my shoulder. She weighed nothing. Got to admit tho she was pretty fit. I walked over to a hook and slammed her onto it. I saw her face immendiantly turn contorted as the hook penetrated her shoulder. Blood dropped from her wound and tears rolled down her face. Almost made me feel bad for her. She was new after all. I tilted my head at her. And she just looked at me crying uncontrollably. The human inside of me was begging for me to get her off it. But the sick side of me was enjoying this to much. I saw the entities essence creep up the sides of the hook pole. I sighed and watched as the exit gate got opened. I felt a bit guilty for picking on the newbie. I knew I would get punished for it but I had to give her an impression to her team. So i grabbed her waist and yanked her off the hook and slung her on my shoulder again. I walked over to the hatch and dropped her.


What is she doing she grabbed me of the hook and put me next to a hatch of some sort." Go through it if you want to live newbie." She said. I crawled with as much strength as I could muster to the hatch and crawled in. "Thank you." I muttered to her before leaving.

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