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Jade wakes up before Skye, confused about how she and Skye ended up on the bed after falling asleep on Awsten's lap. Her eyes darting around the room in search of Awsten.  The shock is clear on her face when she sees Thea there with Awsten.

"Mommy!" she exclaims loudly enough to wake up Skye. They both try to hurry to Thea, tripping over each other and Jade stumbling a bit because she's not supposed to be up to much. Awsten quickly picks her up and carries her over because of that.

Awsten tears up a bit as the twins both situate themselves by Thea and start telling her a million things.  He almost thought he'd never get to see them all together again. He quickly snaps a picture and sends it to Elijah.

Awsten doesn't think there could be a better sight in the world than this, the love of his life with their children.  He thinks that every time he sees them all together.

He looks away, turning his attention to texting Elijah back.  He's only looking at his phone for a moment or two before his attention is quickly returned to the scene in front of him and his heart drops.

"Mommy?  What's wrong?" Skye asks with a frown as Jade stares on in shock, stumbling away from Thea with wide eyes.  Skye holds Thea's hand tightly, shaking it a bit.  "Mommy?!"

"Fuck," Awsten mumbles, rushing forward and pulling Skye away from Thea.

Thea is bleeding. From her nose, a little drip from the corner of her mouth. And she's shaking. Seizure, Awsten reminds himself that it has a name and the same thing happened to Jade and she's fine now. But Jade didn't bleed.

"Somebody help," Awsten tells, attempting to get Thea off the chair without hurting her so she doesn't hurt herself with all the shaking.  He gets her laid out on the floor as a nurse rushes in and assists him as well as calls for doctors and a gurney.

"I'm going to need you to step aside," the nurse requests calmly as a couple other nurses and a doctor rush in with a gurney to load Thea onto.

"Wh—no!  I need to go with her," Awsten argues, trying to step around the nurse as Thea is wheeled out.  "I n-need to, please, I—"

He interrupts himself when Skye and Jade start speaking up and he tries to hide his break down.

"Hey, hey, c'mon, sit down," Awsten encourages, picking up the twins one after another to set them next to each other on the bed, "calm down, you're okay—"

"Why'd they take mommy?" Skye cries in fear and worry.  "Why'd they take her?  She was s'posed to be okay!  She—daddy, why's she not okay?"

"I don't know," Awsten admits before realizing that might not have been the best thing to say when both the twins cry more because of it.  "They're helping her, okay?  They're gonna do everything they can to make her all better."

Awsten can't find the words to make anything any better so he sits down on the floor and lets the twins climb onto his lap and cry together.  Just as he did when they'd slept on his lap together, he wraps his arms around them without even thinking about it.

They're not there long, less than ten minutes before the doctor is returning.

"Mr. Knight," the doctor's tone doesn't convey anything good, "can we speak in private?"

Awsten doesn't want to leave the twins, but if this is bad news he doesn't want the twins hearing. He gives the doctor a short nod before focusing on the twins.

"I'm gonna be right back, okay? I gotta talk to the doctor," he tells them quietly, to which both of them cry even harder.

"Don' go," Skye begs, "you gotta stay 'til they bring mommy back. Please, daddy, don't leave again."

"Gonna be right back, my lil' angels," he assures them, gently moving them off of himself, "right back, I promise."

He doesn't give them too much of a chance to argue, hurrying off into the hallway with the doctor.

"What happened? She...is Thea okay? What was that?" Awsten questions as soon as the door is mostly closed behind them, only left open a crack just in case he needs to rush back in.

"Unfortunately, something went wrong during the surgery or the time after," the doctor informs him, "she ended up with an infection in her head at the surgery site.  If we would've caught it earlier there might have been something we could have done but...it's a miracle she woke up at all today.  I wish I could be giving you better news but there was nothing we could have done at this point."

"No," Awsten mumbles, shaking his head.  "Please...she can't...she's gone?"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Knight, she is."


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