Smile, Your Beautiful :) [Chapter 1]

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My senior year. I never thought it would come so fast. It feels like just yesterday I was a freshmen, entering the high school so scared. I should be excited for this year, but truth is im not. This year means prom. Which means me going around truing to find someone I can go with. Homecomings were horrible for me. Each time I went either alone or with a guy from camp. Not only is there prom, there's all the other stuff. Like senior night for soccer and senior night for cheer leading. Last but not least there is graduation. Letting all of my friends go and going to college is something that I've been dreading ever since they started pounding college on us.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm blaring that annoying beeping sound. I rolled over and lazily threw my hand on top of it. I sat up in my bed and rubbed my eyes. Summer seem to have flew by so fast.

I slid off my bed and trudged myself to the bathroom down the hall. I could make out the smell of Mom cooking eggs and pancakes. Hopefully chocolate chip.

I opened the door to the bathroom and shut it behind me. I stood in-front of the mirror and stared at myself.

The girl staring back at me was someone I hardly recognized anymore. My Dark brown hair was a mess, but my gray eyes sparkled like the little sleep I got last night had no affect on them. The bags under my eyes though said different. My nose was small and cute. My lips were not full but the fell somewhere in the middle of full and having none. I dropped my gaze and I scanned my body. I was a small girl, not a bad small. I had nice enough curves and okay boobs.

The thing was compared to my friends this was nothing. They were all tall and blonde, when I was the complete opposite standing at 5'4.

I shook my head filled with the thoughts of me, Mia, not being good enough for my friends.

I brushed my teeth, applied some makeup, straightened my hair, and threw on skinny jeans, a tank top, and a hoodie.

After I was done, I went downstairs to be greeted by my mom and dad.

When I walked in, my dad was sitting at the table reading a newspaper and drinking some coffee. My mom was still at the stove cooking.

"Morning Honey! Its your first last day!" She said happily before chocking off.

"Oh mom don't cry!" I said chuckling to myself.

I was her last kid. My older brother was getting married soon. He was 7 years older than me.

"Its such a sad thing though!" She said handing me my plate. "It was just yesterday you were crawling!"

"Sweetheart, Don't make Mia sad. She has to be happy for first last day!" My dad said glancing up from his newspaper and winking at me.

I smiled at him and sat down.

After I finished my breakfast, I said my goodbyes and went out the door to my red Toyota yaris.

I backed out of my driveway and headed to Saint Peterson's High school. The school where all of my self conscious issues came out.

I pulled in and parked my car. I hopped out and headed up to the big doors. Once inside I was greeted by my blonde, perfect friend Morgan. She was the only one who I told all of my problems to and the one who was the realest to me.

She ran up and hugged me.

"MIA!!!" She squealed. "Its finally here! Our Senior year! Gimme your schedule!"

She scanned my schedule and smiled.

"We have everything together!"

I laughed. " Morgan, your moms the principle. Of course we have everything together. We always have." I grabbed my schedule from her and we hooked arms.

"So!" She pursed her perfect pink lips. "She could have decided she hated me and wanted to bring Hell upon me."

"Your mom loves you."

Morgans mom loves Morgan like no other kid was loved. She got everything she wanted. And when I say everything I mean it. Morgan was the only child and her parents were divorced. This just added to her luck because she got double from her dad.

"I know!"

I looked around at all the rushing kids that were hugging there friends and opening there lockers. You could tell who was who. The freshmen were the girls who looked like they were about to die, the sophomores were the whores trying to flirt with seniors, the juniors were the ones who were stuck up, and us seniors were the ones who were chill about the whole thing.

We came to our lockers and put our stuff in. Then we entered homeroom.

"Oh my Mia!" Jason said when he saw me. The guy who ruined my confidence. We were okay now but I still thought he was a jerk and he never really talked to me. He was surrounded by his two best friends Adam and Casey who were smirking at me.

"Jason, She doesn't want to talk to you." Morgan said dragging me to a seat and rolling her eyes.

"Thank you." I whispered to her.


This didn't stop his two friends though.

Adam slid up to the seat next to me.

"Mia, Where have you been all of my life?" He said briskly.

"I've actually been in your life since pre school. You must be forgetting." I said.

"Hmm, yes but you never looked soooo good." He purred right in my ear. Which sent chills down my body. Why was he, one of the hottest boys in my school, talking to me in this way. I haven't changed.. I didn't think so, and I was certainly not the prettiest girl. I glanced over at Morgan, but she was talking to her boyfriend Corey.

"Maybe Its because your sitting so close." I said pushing him away.

He smirked and poked my cheek. Which made me blush. "You have just committed a crime, Mia!"

"Huh? What did I do?" I asked confused by what he was talking about. I didn't commit any crime..?

"Stole my heart!" Adam said putting both hands to his chest.

"Man, that was a gay pick up line!" I heard Casey burst out laughing. Next thing I knew, he was sitting on Adams desk peering down at me. "Watch and learn."

"Mia, I'm sorry but I have to issue you a parking ticket."

This confused me even more!

"What? Why?"

"Because you got FINE written all over you!" This made me blush even harder. What was up with these boys! I think... They are actually flirting with me. Are Pigs Flying?!?

"Look! I made her blush!"

"I am not!"

"Yes, you are!" He said ruffling my hair, and Adam just laughed.

"Guys, come on leave My Mia Alone." Jason growled at them.

My Mia?

I peeked back to see Jason staring at me.

Adam got up first and pecked my cheek, which made my face heat up and then Casey pecked the next one. Now I knew my face had to be bright red.

What is going on!?!? My head was already spinning and It was only Homeroom!

This is going to be a long day.


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