chapter eight

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"And then I was like, no! Like is she crazy? That shade makes me look sick!"

Hannah Kim was telling us all these random stories as Jada, Gabby, Hannah R, Addy and I awkwardly add on to them.

"Damn. You guys don't talk that much but I think I like that. It gives me more opportunities to talk because no one in my group really listen to me"

"Wow, really?" Addy says sarcastically,

"I know right! You girls really get me aw"

I felt bad for Hannah, she was annoying as fuck and rude as fuck to Anthony but she seemed like she didn't have any good friends that were genuinely good people.

But anyway, that night Anthony slept over at Jaden's house made Jaden feel sorry for him.

Jaden then came to me and asked if I could include Hannah in our group because it would make her happy, which would make Anthony happy, which makes all the guys happy.

"But anyway Hannah, I think you should go with the Kylie x Balmain palette. Those colours suit you better than the ABH one" I say.

"You're so right! It's official, you guys are my best friends now! Where do you sit and lunch?"

"We don't-" Addy says.

"We sit with the guys now" I say.

"Darn it! I'm kind of feeling the whole Saturday's are for the girls vibe!"

"We don't have school on Saturday, are you du-"

Addy really doesn't like Hannah.

"No I like that idea too" I say.


"Princess, i'm leaving!"

"Wait for me, my prince!"

My eyes widen as Hannah quickly stands up and slides her shoes on.

"Anthony's waiting for me downstairs. I'll get him to send me all of your numbers even though he really shouldn't have them" she says.

"We'll walk you to the door" I say.

We all walk downstairs.

The guys stare at us as we stare back with a look.

"Bye girls!"

Hannah hugs each one of us, even Addy who pulled a face.

After she leaves Addy closes the door behind her.

"Shit Mars, do we really have to be nice?"

"Yes Addy! I know she's not the best person but we can make it so that she can be!"

"Alright fine but if she becomes a bitch and decides to control all of us-"

"You can have a go at her, fine"

"Good doing business with you"

We walk into the living room as I go and sit on Jaden's lap.

"Ewwww Mars!" Elmo says, patting his lap for Hannah to sit on his.

(I hope having two Hannah's doesn't confuse y'all and that you understand which Hannah I'm talking about :)

"Ewww Elmo" I say.

"Sorry to interrupt your small sibling feud but how was Hannah?" Yousif asks

"Alright" I say.

"Terrible! I can't stand her" Addy says.

"Me neither but I'm doing this for Anthony" Jada says.

"Same. I feel sorry for him and I think if we fixed up Hannah, the relationship between them would be much better" Gabby says as I agree.

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