Our Sudden Wedding

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You saw my worst...will you still stay by my side!

Vikram's pov

Kunwar sa! It is easy to claim such high morals but we all know, how this society works. We don't want to offend you but she has destroyed her life herself. And now, it's her destiny! Nobody is going to marry her. And people will keep raising their fingers on such girls! - said one lady

I am ashamed to realise that these are my people. I represent them....my ears are burning to hear such ugly hatred filled gossips about Akira. I wanted to throw them out of the palace but before I could do so, I heard the Authoritative voice of my Tayi maa sa -

Shut up all of you!

Nobody is allowed to omit venom for my guests. And Akira is our special child....she should not be subjected to your hatred. That man was the one who tried to play dirty with her divinity. My palace respects women and I hope you all will not forget that.

Accussing an innocent woman because of some hormonal creep, is not acceptable. Ms Akira Singh is my guest and she is a woman of high morals and I respect her choice of living, unaffected of what people have to say!
And what were you saying that she is wearing vulgar clothes. What is wrong with you all? Aren't you wearing a saree too? And since when, wearing saree counts as inviting men.?
And above all, what she wears is completely her own choice. Just because some lustful bastard eyed her, it can not be regarded as her fault. Such men should be Black listed in my dictionary and should be hanged till death.

So, stop abusing my guest and apologize to her right now!

Rani sa! Only you can be this great...but we are common people. And we are just saying what is going to remain after this incidence. People will forget the man in question but they will never leave a chance to talk about this girl! - said the lady

I shouted Enough! What is your problem? Why are you all blinded by the wicked ways this society works. Can't you see how much she is suffering?

You all think that she is characterless just because she is living her life peacefully....you blame her of loose desires...just because she is not married!

Yeah right, how high of your values!
You all are so heartless!
Shame on you all!

Being women, You all should be proud of her that without any support she is capable to raise her son with high values!

You all think that nobody will marry her...she is not worth it...but guess what, I am going to marry her....i am going to give her to all the happiness of this world.
And for the last time, She is not some cheap sult to sleep around...And dare you bad mouth about my wife and my kids!
I don't care what happened in there but I know that she is innocent.
And I don't care what you all think of her...but for me, she is A pure soul!

I heard a lot of gasps!

I took steps towards the mandir and picked up the Vermillion box and moved towards Akira....i never left her eyes....she was crying badly...but the moment her mind registered my advances....she started to step back...but that didn't stop me...i had made up my mind.
Standing A few inches away from her, I opened the box and took a pinch of Vermillion in my fingers....she began to shake her head in negation...her tear filled eyes were painfully pleading me to stop but like a pre-programmed robot...before she could react...i filled her maang(partition) with sindoor. She closed her eyes as if needles pricked her!

Everything froze in that very second...she stood there wide eyed...numb...very slowly she touched her partition and saw the Vermillion that now adorned her hair.

Wha...what have yo...you done!?! Thi....This can't be true! - she whispered to herself

With tear filled eyes, I cupped her angelic face and said - Walk with me Akira, I promise I will be by your side till my last breath!

She shook her head in negation and pushed me away!

Tayi maa sa came and shrugged my shoulders and yelled - What is all this Vikram? How could you be this reckless?
Do you even realise what you did?

I married her, Tayi maa sa! - I said curtly

Just like that! Did you forget our traditions and values? Did you even ask what she wants? - she shouted

Tayi maa is right! Bhai, How could you be so heedless of the consequences of your action? - asked Smriti

Few weeks back, Both of you wanted me to marry her and now that I have, you don't approve of this? - I asked irritated

Yes, we want you two married...but not like this...not under some kind of social pressure! - Tayi maa said

I went to Akira who was still watching the sindoor I had applied. I took her hands in mine and said -

Let's start a new beginning Akira!
I know this change can be scary...and I am scared too.... But I am not going to give up on growing... Evolving... And most importantly progressing!
I am sure, I want to spend the rest of my life with you!

She looked at me blankly and said - Is this some kind of a joke Mr. Rathore? Do you think, my life is a fucking Joke, han?
Do you think that you all can play with my feelings like this. How could you....I trusted you!
For God's sake, I don't want your fucking Pity Mr. Rathore!

I closed my eyes when I saw hatred for me in her tearful eyes. I cupped her face and said very softly - I did not marry you out of pity Akira!
Don't you see, don't you understand... That I am here to stay by your side.... And I am not going to go anywhere!
And why do you think that I made a joke of your life. I married you because I wanted to! Don't ever feel bad about making a decision about your own life just because it upsets other people. You're not responsible for their happiness but only your own happiness. Anyone who wants you to live in misery...or humiliation...For their hapiness, should not of any concerns in your life.

I will honestly fulfill all my duties as your Husband and as the Father of our Kids! Don't think much about this...nothing has changed...if you want I can still be your friend like before. I promise, I am not going to claim my rights on you. You will live your life, like you want to!

I wanted to say that, my Love is enough for both of us! I am going to love you. I am going to love you in your weakest moments to the strongest ones. I am going to love you when you're happy and I am going to still love you the most when you're sad. But I refrained myself as I know, she is going through a lot of pain. She is not in her right mind.

But her next words tore my heart - All of this....it was your plan na? Why would you feel broken...why would you feel bad...tum to yahi chahte the na? (You wanted this, didn't you?)

I wanted to shake her and put some sense into her brains...i wanted to tell her how her hatred for my feelings kills me...but I kept mum. I will excuse her for this one time...but in future, I will not allow her to insult my feelings for her!

I said - Tayi maa, I want to marry Akira with proper rituals. I don't want to give chances to anyone so that they could question our relationship. Make prepartaions, I will marry her tomorrow itself, in the same mandap as Smriti.

With that I left the place.!
I had to deal with that Bastard also.
He can not escape my wrath!
People should know, who is the Boss here!

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