Darren Huston Visit To UWC Adriatic, Canada

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Darren Huston Share his UWC experience and gave a memorable lecture to the College students and came up with an idea for a Booking.com Scholarship at his old College.

While he was CEO of Booking.com alumnus Darren Huston (UWCAD 83-85) visited the College and held a lecture.

Darren was talking about his life and career he was struck by the fact that his audience comprised so many young travelers from around the world and that all UWC alumni travel too – actually, as UWCers they tend to do so quite extensively!

So – he thought – how about creating a way for the Alumni to give to the College simply by using Booking.com.

Visit : https://www.uwcad.it/Alumni-Profiles/Darren-Huston

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