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Katherine's POV

I slip on a white shirt with some jeans not feeling like getting dressed at all.

  I jump in my truck and drive to school in silence

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  I jump in my truck and drive to school in silence. I didn't want to listen to music this time. I pull into the school to see Allison was already here. Cole wasn't here yet luckily. But weirdly their Impala was here.

  I walk into the school and go to my locker. The feeling of being watched settles on me. As correct, Axel comes up besides me and lays his body on the locker besides mine.

  "What's up?" I ask curious that only Axel is here. Or even near me in general. His eyes travel the filled hallway as people walk back and forth.

  "I'm on babysitting duty, so try not to do anything stupid." Axel says in a monotone voice. Babysitting? The hell would I need a babysitter?

  "Where's the other guys?" I close my locker and walk with Axel to the commons.

  "Their doing some business out of state. I was told to stay behind and watch you so you don't get yourself killed." I sit down so confused right now. Just randomly they have business out of state and Cole didn't even bother to tell me. Also the fact that Axel is being sneaky because he isn't giving me anymore information. Guys, so annoying.

"Well you don't have to hangout with me. Since you hate me. Cole won't know anyways." I tell Axel honestly. I didn't know why he didn't like me but it's his opinion.

"No one said we were hanging out. Just I came to tell you. So don't do anything without telling me." He stands from his seat to walk away. I nod my head and he walks away. Now I have freaking Rambo on my back watching my every move.

"Heyyyyy." Grace says coming to sit down as well as Maya and Allison. "Hey." I say feeling tired. I've been just so out of it lately.

  "I had so much fun this weekend. We have to do that again." Allison says with a cheeky smile. God I had fun to but I don't know if I wanna do that again for awhile.

  "Let's go to Jacobs party this weekend." Maya says gently. She always had the soft tone to her voice. "He sounds like he throws parties all the time." I huff out. This kid must have nothing else to do with his time.

"Well if you guys go I'll go to." I say wanting to get closer to the girls. Cole reminded me last night of something. Hoes before bros.

Time was ticking excessively slow today. Lunch couldn't come any fast and I was starving. The bell rang and I ran out of the class. I open my locker to find yet another sticky note. I thought this crap would be over. Me and Cole had a whole argument about this.

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