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izys pov


"chase please, i'm sorry" i tried to grab his arm but he snatched it away

"just leave me alone dumb slut" he whispered as tears fell from his eyes

a slut? that's who he thinks i am? i did nothing but love and support him throughout it all, i gave him my everything! he was my everything but not anymore :/

"you- yo- you don't mean that" i stutter

"listen, i'm sorry izy but i don't anything to do with you anymore, do the us both a favour and stay the fuck away from me"

chase turns around and sits on his bed, i begin to exit the room,,

"goodbye chase, i love you" i say while closing the door

i walk down the stairs i leave the house, i head towards my car which is on the other side of the road, looking both ways to make sure no car is coming. road is clear so i start crossing the road and then all of a sudden i hear a car speeding down the right, i look to the right and see a bright red car coming towards me.


my body collapses onto the ground, my vision gets blurry and i try my absolute hardest to stay awake but then it all goes black

a/n: oh well tea ¿
very short chapter, sorry! i'll try make the next chapter longer + school holidays for me (yay) i'll be posting more frequently

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