Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Tim and Molly were still holding hands when Molly's dad and Tim's mom come out the door.

"What do you mean look at what we have?" Tim's mom asked

"What we mean is you two are dating so why does it surprise you that we are?" Molly said looking at Tim's mom.

"Me and your father are not dating, 'Little girl'!" Tim's mom spat at Molly

"MOM, don't talk to Molly like that" Tim snapped at his mom.

"Yes, Carla.. Please dont talk to my daughterlike that" Molly's dad said in a soft sweet voice.

"AlrightBill..but you told me that you hated your..."Carla started to say but justthen Bill kissed her, crushed the words that were on her lips.Tim and Molly took advantage of the weird moment to run down the street and out of site. They ran to the parkhand in han: only when they got there did they stop to catch their breath. Still holding hands, they sat down on one of thebenches.

"Tim what are we going to tell your dad and my mom?" Molly asked, looking at Tim

"Molly..Im not sure but I really dont want to face my mom again..and theres something I wantto talk to you about" Tim replied looking into Molly's eyes.

"I dont want to face my dad again.. atleast not right away, and theres something I want to ask you" Molly said, tighting her hold on Tim's hands.

"You go first" Tim replied.

"No, you go first" Molly said.

"Fine" Tim replied.

Tim was about to tell her when Molly's mom drove you.

"Molly have you seen your father?" She asked

Molly looked at Tim for help, Molly didn'd say anything but Tim nodded his head, he knew what Molly was asking him.

"A.. mom theres something you oat to know..." Molly couldn't bring her self to tell her mom

"Yes, Molly what is it?" Molly's mom asked

"If I may be of help... I can tell you what Molly was trying to say" Tim said looking at Molly's mom

"You must be tim.. please call me Violet"

"Yes..Violet" Tim said. Then he told Violet about seeing Bill(Molly's dad) and Carla(Tim's mom) and what happend outside the movie theater. Violet started to cry. Molly ran up through her arms around her mom and started to cry. Tim walked up to them: he gently put his arms around Moll. Molly who was still hugging her mom, let her go and trhough her arms around Tim, holding him close as if her life depended on it, Tim hugged her close, knowing how she felt: Tim let a tear trickle down his check. After what seemed like forever Violet, Molly and Tim(More Violet then any of them) stoppedcrying and got their voices under control.

"Tim do you want me to tell your father or would you like to?" Violet asked whipping her tear stricken face. Tim looked at Molly for a moment, Molly nodded her head.

"Why dont we all go, maybe it'll help ease the pain? Tim saidtaking Molly's hand in his. Molly looked at Tim and nodded again.Violet looked at the two young ones.

"Ill give you two a minute, just meet me at the car when your ready..okay?"

"Sure thing, mom" Molly said

"Thank you" Tim replied

"Your welcome Tim" Violet said, and then walked to the car.

Molly and tim walked down the hill a little ways: just out of sight and earshot of Violet

"Molly, I..." Tim started to say, but before Tim could finish. Molly kissed him.

"Tim..Im.." Molly began to say, stepping away from Tim

"Molly its ok.. I was going to say the same thing" Tim said gathering Molly in his arms again.

"But I didnt say anything.." Molly replied confused

"Your kiss said it dont have to say anything.. before this goes any further... do you have a boyfriend?"

"Yes I do" Molly said smiling, pulling her self closer to Tim

"Then why did you kiss me?" Tim asked turning red.

"Becuase that boyfriend I have.." Molly kissed Tim again "I just kissed him"

"Oh, So you decided to be my girlfreind without talking to me first?" Tim scowled

"I..Im sorry I.. just... Fine Ill come right out and say it.. I like you" Molly said with a smile

"Molly... I like you too.. a lot" Tim replied with a smile. He stepped away from Molly, taking her hand in his.

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