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Xiao Yan merely shrank on top of the chair, looking at her with a guarded expression

Ah Zhao tried to approach but unable to. She can only get up and open the door to go out.

She finds the butler: "Xiao Yan's body temperature is not normal. I suspect that he is sick. Can you call the doctor over? Furthermore, do you have antipyretic?"

Unexpectedly, the butler only lifted his eyelid: "Young Master's body is like that since childhood. He's not sick at all. Miss Xu, you don't have to be worried."

"In addition——" He glanced coldly at Ah Zhao, "Miss Xu just have to do your own job."

Ah Zhao's heart turned cold.

Of course, she knew what the butler was referring to.

Her employer, Madam Zhao Li, once said that her stepson, Xiao Yan, has an eccentric character. She also said he has a mental anxiety disorder, rejects strangers from approaching and his IQ also has some problems.

"Xiao Yan's father and I know all about his situation. Miss Xu, do your best. We won't blame you if can't teach him that well."

Does he really have an eccentric character and even has problems with his IQ?

Before she came, she knew that the male lead, Xiao Yan, didn't receive affection from his home. But looking at the indifferent att.i.tude of the butler now, One can only imagine how the male lead lived his days here.

Ah Zhao walked to the bathroom in silence.

She looked at the woman in the mirror; Hot red lips, gorgeous and delicate facial features, and a hot s.e.xy figure.

Looking at her appearance, no one would likely a.s.sociate her to the word "teacher".

She carefully washed her hands and left the bathroom.

When she entered the study again, she was already holding a blanket on her hand.

She laid the blanket on Xiao Yan's body and softly said under the latter's blank gaze: "The butler said that your body had been like that since childhood so there's no problem. But how can a human body's temperature be so low? You should cover yourself up with this. At least it's little warmer."

Xiao Yan didn't say anything. He just looked at the blanket on his hand: This time, could it be they want to play the emotional card?

Is it to make himself dependent on this woman? Then after that, ruthlessly strike himself?

He bowed his head and softly smiled at an angle that wasn't visible to Ah Zhao.

Since she wants to play, he will play with her.

He slowly lifted up the blanket and covered up his body.

The soft and warm feeling surrounded him and he sighed softly. It's indeed comfortable and nostalgic.

Ah Zhao watched Xiao Yan who didn't reject and breathed a sigh of relief.

She looked at the other person's black eyes and softly said: "I'm going to begin teaching lessons tomorrow. You should sleep first."

Xiao Yan did what he's told and closed his eyes.

There was a soft and light music playing. Xiao Yan knew that it must've been played by the woman. He would never play this boring and useless stuff.

Ah Zhao stood in the study for a while, watching Xiao Yan who had apparently fallen asleep.

She didn't take the phone on the table. She left and closed the door softly.

She didn't know that after she just went out, Xiao Yan opened his eyes. His eyes were clear and bright. Where can you find a trace of sleepiness?

Xiao Yan's gaze was fixed on the phone on the table. After looking at it for a long time, he finally sneered and closed his eyes once again.

Next room.

Ah Zhao stood in the room the Butler prepared for her.
She can't help but say that the Xiao family is really rich.

Everything had already been neatly prepared for her. She only needed for someone to come (if she needed something.)

Ah Zhao exhaled and gave herself a bath, conveniently washing away the heavy makeup off her face.

"System, you say, does the male lead really have a mental problem?" She asked somewhat anxiously.

If the male lead really has mental problems, the task will be a lot more difficult.

In front of her, a seemingly cotton candy white light ball glimmers brightly. It is the "system" which is responsible to take her across worlds to complete the tasks.

Her ident.i.ty in this world is a tutor hired by the stepmother of the male lead.

In the description told by the stepmother Zhao Li, her stepson, Xiao Yan, has a serious mental disorder.

It is because of this that Xiao Yan was sent to this remote suburban district to live and not even allowed to go to a normal school.

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