Chapter 1: Lab Partners

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Silver's Pov.

Ugh. I groaned out loud as I got another text. I looked at my phone and recognized the familiar but unwelcomed number of my ex boyfriend Steven. I deleted the text without even looking at it. Just like the last 58 times, the text would be filled with promises, and pleads for me to take him back. Steven and I went out for a solid year before he started getting extremely possessive and jealous. It even got so bad that whenever I would even talk to a guy, he would yell at me for hours.

It didn’t help that he lived right down the block from me and keep track of my every move. We were childhood friends and I felt bad for the way our relationship ended. But my father was never in my life, so I didn’t feel the need for a  man in my life dictating the way I dressed and behaved.
I got out my car and grabbed my school bag from the backseat. I shivered and pulled my sweater close to me as I silenced my phone and walked into the building.

I made my way to my locker and was immediately swarmed by my two best friends Krystelle and Camille. “Guess what hot guy alert, blond hair, blue eyes, sexy body!” Camille squealed. She was the funniest out of all us. But was a little bit boy crazy. She was tiny with brown curly hair and dark brown eyes. Krystelle chuckled and rolled her eyes. “Basically half the football team fits that description” she mumbled and I laughed. Krystelle had reddish brown hair, dark brown eyes and like Camille was tiny.
Camille placed a hand over her heart. “And that’s why I will forever love McKlane High school. Go Wolves!”
I took off my sweater and put it in my locker. “Come on let’s go before we’re late to bio” I said dragging Krystelle and Camille along.

“Your late” a deep Russian voice greeted us.
“But the bell hasn’t-” Camille started. Just as the bell rung.
“If you aren’t seated by the time the bell rings, which you weren’t, you are late”
“But if you hadn’t stopped us we would have made it on time” Camille argued but stopped once Ms. Nazca frowned.
“Sit down all three of you. Next time you are late I will mark it as a cut.” We nodded hastily and Camille, Krystelle and I sat down at a rounded table. Ms. Nazca turned around and began unpacking her bag.
“What crawled up her ass” Camille mumbled and I smirked.

“Silver” I heard someone whisper my name. I looked up and saw Steven smiling. “Did you get my text?”
I shook my head. ”I didn’t check my phone this morning.”
Steven face grew angry. “Why didn’t you check your phone. Were you with some guy?”
“No and so what if I was,it’s none of your business! This is the reason we broke up in the first place. ”
“Silver just take me back. ”

Ms. Nazca banged her hand on the table, her face almost as red as her hair.
“QUIET.  Now I will be assigning partners for your mitosis project. The papers you will be receiving are your rubric. It’s due in a week so you will have plenty of time. ”
Me, Krystelle and Camille shared a look hoping that we would be picked as partners but knowing the probability of that happening was zilch. Steven turned back around and smiled at me. I rolled my eyes.

Ms. Nazca pulled out a list. “Ronnie you will be paired with Miguel, Suzanne with Carlos, Camille with Krystelle….

To all that is holy don’t let it be Steven. I’ll take anyone else. Even Richie, even though he thought that the photosynthesis was the process of taking pictures for biological study.

…and since Silver and Steven have so much to talk about during my class, you two can be partners."


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