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Summary: You don't trust anyone

Prompt by: Rexburn12

You've been living in National City for the past couple of years on your own. You didn't trust anyone and you kept to yourself not wanting to get the attention of anyone.

Both Kara and Alex were celebrating a victory at the DEO and had invited their girlfriend, Lena to an alien bar so the three of them could all get drunk. This alien bar had been here for a while but they had just heard about it. Mainly whispers about how they had a hot bartender that no one could actually talk to more than a couple of minutes. Alex, being the competitive person she is, figured it was worth a shot. Her girlfriends rolled their eyes and followed her along to see what would happen.

"Hey, could I get 2 beers and one alien drink."

You nodded and went to go get what she asked for, not finding a reason to really talk. The owners of the bar only kept you because you were good at your job and handled a lot of responsibilities. Otherwise, they would have fired you for not providing friendly customer service but that's what apparently attracted everyone.

Alex was just about to pay for the drinks but took back the money.

All you could do was sigh and cross your arms while looking at her to see what she would try to do.

"Is there any chance I could get your name?"

"No, either pay up or I'll kick you out of the bar."

"Come on. Just a first name. I'll leave you alone if you do."

Kara and Lena could both see your shift in mood change. They knew it was about to get ugly if they didn't step in.

"Alex. Come on, just pay the girl and we'll be on our way."

Alex pouts and just as you were thinking that she was going to listen to her friends, she grabbed your arm, forcing the sleeve of your shirt higher.

This pissed you off and without thinking about it, used your strength to push her towards the nearest table. Causing her to break the table on her fall. Lena rushed over to check on Alex as Kara dealt with you.

"Look. We're sorry about Alex but there was no need to have taken it too far."

"She touched me. She invaded my personal space. I was totally within reason to act like that. Now get out."

Alex brushed off Lena and Kara as she walked back to you. She knew she was being crazy for even attempting again but it was all the more reason to talk to you. You intrigued her and she just knew you intrigued her girlfriends as well. It surprised them to see Director Danvers being thrown down a table so quickly like that.

It wasn't much but the use of your strength triggered some alarms and alerted those that were searching for you. Within 5 minutes and they had all targeted the bar you were currently at.

"Alex. Stop. Something is not right here."

Kara held out her arm to stop Alex from walking over to you. She could hear the sounds of various vehicles and men with weapons.

"I think you're not as human as you want us to believe. You can either trust me or you can try to fight your way out of this."

With no other choice, you took Kara's hand and let her lead you out the back door while Lena and Alex dealt with the men.

Kara had taken you to her apartment while she waited for her girlfriends to come over.

"Oh, thank god. I was planning on returning but that would have looked suspicious. Are you guys okay."

"We are but you have some explaining to do."

And you did explain. They had saved your life after all. You explained what you were exactly and why you were even hiding.

"My name is (y/n), by the way. I'm sorry about throwing you on to the table. That wasn't my finest moment. Thank you again for saving me."

Alex smiles at the sound of your name.

"I promise we'll keep you safe and I know we got off on the wrong foot but I hope I can make it right."

Something about the three of them made you want to trust them.

Your gut feeling turned out to be right when they were the ones that single handly took down the organization that had been hunting you down for years. You were glad to have three geniuses as your girlfriends. They were your everything. The only ones that made the shitty world less shittier.


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