Chapter 13

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Vincenzo dips down and kisses me all over. His lips are like fire leaving warm tingles on my body. He spreads my legs apart and kisses my sex. His tongue like a quick feather tickling my clit. Pleasure courses through my body. A moan ecscapes my lips as he sinks his tongue deep within me. Rubbing my clit with his thumb as he tongut fucks me is about to send me over the edge. Suddenly he dips his two fingers inside me while kissing my clit. "Please.....Please Cenzo." I let out a husky moan. "Um.. baby I love when you beg tell me where is that demanding woman of mine.... um ... how I love how tight you are. My innocent baby." Vincenzo says as he pumps harder. Suddenly the massive ball in my insides burst and I bare down releasing everything within me as if i was gripping on this pleasure for the last time. "Holy Fuck." Vincenzo says as he moves back a bit. My pleasure flows through me and all over Vincenzo and the the bed. "Holy fuck baby I didn't know you can squi..." he never gets to finish. I jump up and knock him to the bed. I'm fueled by pure desire. Lowering down on my knees I take him into my mouth. "FUCK!" he hisses. I push him as far as i can. Vincenzo is to thick and to long that I can't fit him fully into my mouth but I continue to try as I gag myself.

Tears running down my eyes and spit running down my chin as i stretch my mouth and throat to accommodate him. "Athena baby...shit....I've never had it feel like....fuck don't stop.... fuck stop or I'm going to cum in your mouth." he says trying to push me away. I grab his hips and push him into my mouth deeper and faster. "FUUUUCCCKKK!" he yells as i feel warm liquid shooting down the back of my throat. "Baby girl when did you learn that? Who have you been practicing with because that was the best head I have ev..." he tried to say. I climbed up him and put my hand on his lips. "No I have never been with anyone but you and if you don't sush I will never be with you again.... now if you please just let me do what I want to you without judgement." I say to him. He nods and I lower myself onto him. His head drops back and grips my hips. "NO.... I am in control." I say getting off of him. I get up and go to my dresser. "Athena baby, I'm sorry please I need you." he says. I open the drawer and get our four pairs of stockings and a scarf. Turning to him I smile. "You need me?" I ask. He nods not seeing what is in my hands. "Then close your eyes. Do not open no matter what." I order. He smiles and closes his eyes like I told him to.

I walk back to the bed and place the items on it. "Keep your eyes closed and lean forward." i say. He leans forward and I begin to blindfold him with my scarf but he grabs my hand to stop me. Looking me dead in the eyes he says "No, let me see you. Please I don't like not being in control." "If you want me to trust you then you need to trust me." I reply. He just stares at me for a moment and then closes his eyes and releases my hand. "I want you as my wife, my best friend, and my most trusted confidant so with that being said I will trust you and support you in anyway that is nessary. I am all yours forever." he tells me with nothing but love and admiration circling in his eyes. I finish blind folding him. "Now lay down." I order. He lays and I quickly tie his arms and legs. "I'm not sure what is going on but this is a new thing for me." he says. I climb onto him and straddle him rubbing my wet pussy onto his now semi hard cock. "What's wrong you don't look as excited as you were?" I say as I'm rocking my hips. "I...I...I'm just unsure of where this is going." he replies. I rock harder causing him to moan. "You know seeing you this vulnerable is making me feel powerful which is making me feel sexy. Here lets do this. I'll take the blind fold off because i want you to see me dominate you. I want you to remember that I'm the only one that can do this to you." I say as I move the scarf from his eyes to his mouth. "Oh no see you are not allowed to talk. You will not be giving the chance to tell me what do do." I explain.

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