princess//e.d - pt3

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(third person pov)

Ethan and his little princess walked out of his office and back into the building. Nora was amazed by all the decorations and costumes. Some of them scared her a little, but holding onto Ethan made everything so much better.

"Bucket?" Nora asked, pointing to the buckets all the other little kids had been holding. Ethan suddenly remembered the bucket she needed to get candy and they steered back towards his office, y/n right behind them.

"I forgot princess, let's go back?" He asked her. She nodded and Ethan picked her up. They walked back into the office and Ethan went to his desk to get a little pink bucket he'd bought just for his little bucket. Nora clapped as he showed it to her. "You like?" He asked her. She nodded, taking it from him.

"Would it be good if I stayed in here, my head hurts," Y/N said, taking a seat in Ethan's large chair. He nodded and Nora pointed to her. Y/N smiled as Ethan walked her over and Nora bent down to give y/n's head a kiss.

"Your turn!" Nora said to Ethan. Ethan smiled, eyebrows raised and bent down to kiss y/n's head, making her blush. "Less go?" Nora asked. Ethan nodded and they waved at y/n as they left.

"Time to get candy," Ethan said as he closed the office door behind him. Nora smiled, holding her bucket up high.

"Candy!" She exclaimed. Ethan chuckled, carrying her towards the elevator.

"Should we go to all the floors, princess?" He asked. Nora nodded as the elevator opened. "Might as well start on number 1, then," He said as she leaned down to press the button.


"Aren't we tired yet?" Ethan asked the little girl as they were heading toward one of their last doors, not far behind a little group of children, Grant among them. "Hey buddy," Ethan called out to his nephew. Grant turned around and grinned.

"Uncle E!" He shouted, running towards his uncle. Ethan smiled.

"Got your candy, bud?" He asked. Grant nodded, holding up his full bucket, just like Nora's. "Look, Nora's got some candy too," Ethan said, putting her down, Nora ran behind Ethan's leg.

"Can I see your candy?" Grant asked her. She shook her head and hid behind Ethan's leg. Ethan frowned, looking behind her.

"Nora," He said, moving, but she just ran behind him again. "Princess," He said softly as he felt her grab onto his pant leg. Ethan sighed and turned back to Grant who was now peering at Nora as she poked her head out from Ethan's leg.

"I like your cossume," Grant said, missing the t. Ethan smiled and looked back at Nora who giggled, refusing to come from behind Ethan. "Wanna trade candy?" He asked her. She shook her head and Ethan sighed, turning around to pick her up.

"Princess, what's wrong?" Ethan asked her as Grant bent over to pick up a few lollipops he'd dropped. Nora shook her head and tried to wriggle out of his grip. Ethan sighed again and put her down. "Ok-" But he was cut off as Nora spoked to Grant.

"Are you a wolf?" She asked him. Grant grinned and looked down at his costume. He nodded and pointed to the mask on his head.

"I have a mask too!" He shouted. He held out his bucket of candy. "Can you ho-de this?" He asked. She nodded, holding his bucket along with hers. Grant pulled his wolf mask on and Nora giggled.

"I like your mask," She said to him. Ethan crossed his arms and smiled. "I like your earring, too" She told him. Grant grinned and Ethan wondered where the sudden shyness had gone.

"It's just like my dad's," Grant said reaching up to touch it. Ethan chuckled and Nora looked up at him. "Are you my cousin? My dad said that when uncle E has a kid like me, I'll have a cousin," Grant explained. Nora looked up at Ethan as his eyes widened.

Ethan stood silent as both kids watched him and he caught glimpse of y/n walking out of the elevator. Ethan smiled as he watched her talk to Grayson with ease. Ethan turned to the two kinds and bent down on one knee.

"If Nora wants to be my princess, then," Ethan paused, looking up at y/n again. "Then Nora can be your cousin, bud," Ethan said to Grant. Grant ginned at Nora.

"I wanna be your princess," Nora said, running into Ethan's arms. Ethan smiled and hugged her, meeting y/n's eyes at the time. She smiled at him, raising her eyebrows.

"What's going on here?" Y/N asked, walking over.

"Nora's my cousin now!" Grant exclaimed. Y/N raised her eyebrows and looked at Ethan. Ethan just shrugged, standing up. Nora ran over to Grant. "You wanna go over there to sort our candy?" He asked her. Nora nodded and they ran off to a corner to dump their candy.

"They're cousins?" Y/N asked Ethan. Ethan smiled looking over at Grant and Nora.

"Well, she's my princess, now," Ethan said a smile on his face as he turned back to her.

"And what am I then?" Y/N asked the man she'd met 24 hours ago. He grinned, pulling her close to him.

"You're my queen." 


AN// hey loves, so this is the end of this short lil series, i hope you liked <3 it'll be up on the series masterlist soon <3 love you all so much and also also, can we take a moment to look at all the reads and votes on this book. holy shit that's crazy. i love you and all your support, it really means a lot, more than words :') thank you so much, really, i love you all

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