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Black Moon series Book #6
Warning: #Mature #Gay

B. D. S. M.

They're only four letters and yet, they represent the world I live in.

My world.

His world.

The world Ivan brought me in at barely 18; a world I instantly fit in because it just felt as natural as breathing.

Throughout a long year of Submission, Ivan educated me to the lifestyle; he subdued me – almost. Under his guidance and dominance, I learned everything about submission, I experienced the most hardcore kinks, and I patiently endured this submission phase, only motivated by my ultimate goals.

That of becoming a good Dominant.

That of becoming a good Master Dom.

After more than two years in the lifestyle, I like to think that I have become a good Dominant. Now in my twenty-first year and about to graduate from my business school, I aspire to achieve the Master Dom status I have been dreaming of, and lucky me is learning from the best.

In less than three years, Ivan has become a whole part of me, and aside of a big brother, a dear friend, a father figure, he is above all my guiding light, my inspiration, my mentor; the one who shows me the way towards success; the one I want to resemble in the future; the one who teaches me all he knows about BDSM.

B. D. S. M.

My world.

Part of my world.

My world will never feel complete without my three childhood friends, so another of my goals, one which is more like a secret dream, is to have them join me in this lifestyle; one they would totally fit in.

My ultimate dream?

It's a selfish dream in which Camden, Joshua, Mark and I would reunite forever, possibly here in Los Angeles.

My kinkiest dream?

A BDSM scene in which my three best friends and I would share a few Subs.

That's a lot of dreams and goals, but you don't get to become a Master Dom without the proper determination and strong personality, and despite my young age, I am more than ready to take these next steps in my life and to see my moon rise in the sky.

With Ivan, Camden, Joshua and Mark – my stars – beside me, I can face anything. I can achieve anything.

Published on 11 June 2020

If luck, inspiration and time are on my side, I am hoping to start publishing this book in early 2021, but meanwhile, you can save it in your library and you'll be able to get notifications when it starts updating ;)

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