I spelled untitled wrong, so many times. I'm so stupid oh goddd, part 19

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Benji POV.

Chase sat down on the bench in the waiting area. He gestured for me to sit down next to him. As I did so a loud metallic squeak came from the rusty metal bench. "It's an antidepressant." My face dropped in shock: "what? No way! Jorge is fine." "Is he tough?"

I thought about the last weeks I spend getting to know Jorge. For sure there are times where he is very still just lies in bed and does nothing but depression? It's not like he is sad all the time. "And why you never told me?" Chase shrugged: "This isn't my secret it's his. Also, I assumed you know." "But how do you know? It's not like you are close, no offense." He flashed a crooked smile: "None taken. We weren't close but it changed when we saw each other in the waiting room of my father's office. See he is a psychiatrist. We talked and he told me eventually."

I hit my head against the wall behind me and closed my eyes hissing because of the pain it caused. "But how didn't I notice. I mean he is my boy...best friend. We spend every minute with each other. And what did he told you exactly?" Chase looked torn: "I only will tell you this because I want to help him. Jorge told me about his diagnose and I notice a few signs of his sicknesses coming back. He has bulimia. Followed by his bulimia are his depressions." My head was spinning, the time doesn't work right anymore. "W-what you mean with signs of coming back?"

The boy next to me ruffles his hair desperate: "It could be that I'm wrong but I noticed in school how he sometimes doesn't eat at all and if he eats he eats like three meals and spend an awful amount of time in the bathroom afterward. Also, he does so much sport. I talked to Avani and she told me he fainted two times while there were jogging. He once complained that he hates his body because he has too much belly fat. Syd tried to confront him but he only said it was a joke. And I know side effects of the pills can be tiredness, shaking and losing weight but I'm worried." I nodded, tears slowly running down my cheeks: "what should I do? He never told me. I mean I saw him taking his meds but he never told me they are for his mental health."

"Benji don't worry, people with mental illnesses don't exactly tell everyone about it for fun. You know Jorge he never accepts anything but perfect, form himself at least. Don't get me wrong but it isn't as if he is the easiest person to deal with. He barely opens up and instead of the pushes one away." I nodded absent. "I'll better call his mum." I got up and searched for the bathroom, I locked myself in a filthy looking stall. Instead of calling her I texted her. So many tears came out, it was unstoppable. All I wanted was to see my baby and make sure he is okay. I let my self slide on the floor. Exhausted from everything I fell asleep against the door.

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