Teaser 02

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Imagine a world . . .
with no new generation awaiting . . .

Imagine a world with no children . . .

Imagine a world of cruelty and injustice

Everyday, kids were dying of a unknown disease, families loosing their children everyday and innocent children having their futures being taken away, and yet, the government didn't seem to care to try to cure this deadly disease but instead, they were afraid

Because the kids who survived . . .


These innocent beings, were turned into monsters. Having unnatural superpowers and abilities to do horrific things. The government decided created a camp, for them to stay in until they found a cure, pleading that this was everyone safety including the children's well being.

Some parents refused and hid their children
Some parents were afraid and gave their children up
And even some kids took matters into their own hands and went on the run

But either way, the government was looking you
And they would find you.

Countless years of being mistreated, tortured, and child labor everyday: new kids being found on a daily. They had devices to make sure you wouldn't escape, they would play a noise that hurt so badly you'd rather gouge your eyeballs then have to hear it again.
It seemed impossible to escape

But one day, one fateful day, someone took down the gates
Someone gave you an escape
Someone gave you a chance at freedom again
Someone showed you a light in the darkness.

And now we are the run
And the only ones who will fight for us
Is us.

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