Sex Monster (50)

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They were completely spent.

She lay on her back while he laid his head on her stomach, resting in between her legs, and she was beginning to understand just how obsessed he was with being there.

It was nighttime. The sun had fallen, giving way for the luminous moon. Daytime had gone by far too soon.

Warrick was right, things would never be the same. After what they had done, she could never imagine being with another in that way. How could she? They would never amount to him and the feelings he evoked from her.

They had talked in between their episodes of wild, rapturous sex. He tried his best to explain to her his side, although she was surprised to find that he never once blamed anyone but himself. The way his eyes just fell with disappointment and regret stuck in her head, soothing her fear and distrust. And when she couldn't talk anymore, couldn't think anymore, she rode him viciously, fucking all of those pent up emotions out of her body, just as Klein had suggested.

It was a cycle of her listening, and then her shutting him up with a kiss. She used him, and she felt guilty when she realized how often she did this to him. So no one was really innocent in this situation, not Warrick, not Shaya, and especially not Aeress.

There was nothing left to say, and she meant it when she said she was tired of this shit. Her soul couldn't take this bitterness anymore or else it would die, because living with that bitterness meant living without Warrick, and this was something she would not compromise on, not anymore. Because the same as she could never lay with another, she looked at the way which he clung to her so fiercely and was assured that the same went for him.

So even if she couldn't let the pain of all the lying go, she sure as hell was going to find a way to live with it. Not for Warrick or Shaya, but for herself. She knew all along that she couldn't give up either of them, she just had to build the courage up to admit to it.

She looked down at him and felt like crying again. Instead, she laughed.

He looked up at her in question. "What?"

She shook her head as she continuously played with his hair. It was slowly drying from the sweat which drenched his body. "I'm just thinking... What's new?"

He raised up from his position and crawled up against her body so that everything touched. When they were face to face, and she smiled teasingly, he said with all the tension in the world, "and here I thought I fucked your brains out?"

Her breath caught in her throat. She draped her arms over his shoulders and immediately wrapped her legs around him, just where she liked them. "If you're implying that you fucked me stupid, I can attest to that, because for some reason," she pushed his hair back, tracing his lips with her finger, "I want more."

He leaned his lips downward until they were just barely brushing hers. "Wanting me makes you stupid?" She squeezed her thighs together as she got hot all over again.

She dipped her tongue out, tasting him and smiled again. Oh, how delicious he tasted. "Only an idiot would date such a dangerous man."

"You're a dangerous woman, look at what you've done to me, you've got me addicted. Does that make me stupid?"

She nodded and began to rock against him. She couldn't control the urge and didn't want to anyway. "That's true, I do have you wrapped around my finger, don't I?"

He nodded, groaning against her mouth as he parted her thighs with a strong hand and glided into her. Hardness swallowed by liquid heat, pipe blanketed with velvet. She welcomed him, biting down on his shoulder as he sunk all the way into her, just how she liked it.

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