I'm fine[3/3]

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Author's PoV

The Kim family is now talking to the doctor whose name is Dr Kang..

"His condition is getting worse" Dr Kang said making all of them confuse.
"What condition?" Mrs Kim asked while Dr Kang sighed.
"You guys doesn't know your son's condition?" Dr Kang asked while all of them gave a nervous smile.
"N-no" Mr Kim says.
"Okay, so your son have a peptic ulcer and you all didn't notice it" Dr Kang says looking at them with a questioning look.
"How do you guys treat him?" Dr Kang asked again but all of them stayed silent.
"H-how can we help him" Jimin says breaking the awkward silence.
"Well, since his condition wasn't monitored and he hasn't taken his meds, he had an internal bleeding and he needs blood for his surgery" Dr Kang explains to all of them.

"What type of blood does he need?" Jin says deciding to volunteer.
"He needs the blood type AB(Yeah, I know Jungkook's blood type is A but let's change it for the sake of the story)" Dr Kang says and all of them looked down. Yeah, they are all family but all of their blood type is A and B, the parents doesn't even know how the hell Jungkook got the blood type AB while all of them is A and B.
"Does anyone of you had the blood type AB?" Dr Kang says while all of them shook their head.
"Okay, I'll just have to ask him if he knows someone that have the blood type AB" Dr Kang says leaving them but Yoongi held his hand. Dr Kang looked at him with a confused look.

"Can we visit him?" Yoongi asked
"Well, you guys decide it but I have to get you out if he doesn't like you all inside" Dr Kang says and Yoongi nodded.
"Let's go guys, let's visit Kookie" Yoongi says and they all walked to Jungkook's room.

All of them walked inside Jungkook's room and saw the heart breaking condition of their family member. Jungkook was laid in the bed looking so pale and thin. Jungkook looked at them with cold eyes.
"Why are you guys here? I thought you don't care about me" Jungkook says with a cold voice.
"Koo--" Hobi says but Jungkook cut him off.
"Don't call me that, only Yugyeom hyung and Mr Ahn can" Jungkook says crossing his arms with a glare towards them.
"Jungkook, we're sorry for all the things we did, we're sorry for abusing you and I'm sorry for doing that to you" Mr Kim says with a guilty look.

"So, just because you found out about my condition, I can just forgive you because you apologized?" Jungkook said.
"I'll think about it and if you're really sorry you'll do the things you two do to the Hyungs to me" Jungkook says pointing at his parents who nodded eagerly.
"Give me my phone" Jungkook said. Mrs Kim gave him his phone and Jungkook started dialing someone.

'Hello, Kookie?'
"Hi Yugyeom hyung, can you come to the hospital with Mr Ahn"
'Uhmm.. Who's Mr Ahn'
"Oh, I forgot you don't know him but I'll give you his phone number and you tell him to come here"
'Okay, but why are you in the hospital?'
"Uhmm.. I'm sorry hyung, I didn't take my meds and now the doctor told me I had an internal bleeding and I need some blood" Jungkook said and tears well up in his eyes.
'What!--Oh! don't cry Jungkookie, I'll be there with whoever is Mr Ahn'
"O-okay, hyung.. Bye"
'Bye, baby'

"Who was that? Is he your boyfriend, he called you baby" Namjoon asked.
"It's none of your business and he's just a friend that likes to call me baby" Jungkook said making Namjoon nod.

/Time skip/

A knock on the made a squeal come out of Jungkook's mouth. The door opened to reveal the two person Jungkook wanted to see. The Kim family looked at the two person with a confused look because they didn't know who they was.
"Hyung! Mr Ahn!" Jungkook said while the two person hugged him.
"Baby, I told you to take your medicine but you didn't" Yugyeom said while Jungkook looked down guilty.
" 'm sorry hyungie" Jungkook said and a tear fell down to his blanket. Yugyeom held Jungkook's chin and made him look up.
"It's okay, Kookie" Yugyeom said and kissed Jungkook's forehead.

Jungkook suddenly groaned making all of the people inside to look at him worried.
"What's the matter, Jungkook?" Mr Ahn asked looking for a wound. Yugyeom rushed out of the room and called a doctor. He arrived with Dr Kang who looked worried.
"We need to do the surgery now!" Dr Kang said and called for nurses to bring Jungkook to the operating room.
"We need the blood type AB!" Dr Kang said and Yugyeom and Mr Ahn looked at each other. They both raised their hands and shouted together.
"We'll donate!" Both of them shouted in unison.

/Time skip/(4 hours later)

Jungkook's surgery was a success and he was now in a new room with Yugyeom and Mr Ahn talking.

"Jungkook, you have to forgive them" Yugyeom says trying to convince Jungkook.
"Yeah, they look sincere when they were apologizing" Mr Ahn said and Jungkook sighed.
"Okay, call them here" Jungkook said making the two to nod. They left the room and looked for the family. They saw them and immediately approached and told them that Jungkook needed them.

They all walked inside and saw Jungkook smiling.
"H-hi" Jungkook said in a shy voice making all of them coo because they hadn't heard him talk that way.
"Hi, baby" Mr Kim said.
"I-I forgive y-you guys" Jungkook said.
"Jinjja! Kamsahabnida" Jin said and hugged Jungkook but not too tightly because he heard Jungkook wince.
"Baby, we're all sorry" Mrs Kim says
"It's okay Mommy, I already forgive you" Jungkook said and Mrs Kim internally cooed at how Jungkook looked adorable while saying the word 'Mommy'..

"We all love you, Kookie"
"Love you too, Mommy, Daddy and Hyungies"

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