Chapter 28- Hurting ❤️

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"I'm going to allow you to go spruce yourself up and wash your face

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"I'm going to allow you to go spruce yourself up and wash your face. OK?" Kyle says as he takes the tape of. I nod and he helps me up. He pushes me forward to the flight of stairs in the basement. I take a step, my leg stumbling. He follows behind me and reaches over me to open the lock on the door to the basement, then he makes me look at him. He moves a piece of hair put of my face and whipes a tear from my cheek.

"Don't scream or do anything like that when we get up there, OK?" He asks. I nod, not wanting to speak. He nods as well and opens the basement door. The light shines through and my first instinct is to cover my eyes from the glaring light. He chuckles as my eyes begin to get used to the light of the outside world. Kyle, my kidnapper went in front of me and gestured for me to follow him. Not wanting to make him mad, I follow. My little footsteps compared to his big, loud footsteps. He opens another door and gesture for me to go in. I go in but he doesn't enter.
"Get ready, get into some new clothes. Wash your face and get spruced up. I'll be waiting in this chair over here, don't lock the door. I wont come in but just keep it unlocked" He says, again I nod and understand what I'm gunna do. Once he is gone, I see he has left me dress and some black tights. I wash my face and get into the clothes, not wanting to take to long as I don't want to annoy him. I open the door and he smiles at me. I nod at him and he comes over to me, putting his arm over my shoulder. He leads me back downstairs, my anxiety instantly comes back. I slowly start to come down and I sit on the couch again. He looks at his phone and sighs.
"I'll be back soon, don't do anything!" He says as he runs up the stairs, I try to listen to his movements. Then, he shouts.
"THEY ARE COMING!" As I flinch at his raspy voice. Who's coming? Will I ever get out of here?
So I have decided that Rosabell will be played by Dove Cameron and Aiden will be played by Peter Weasley. Hope you like the changes. If you want to have a look at other changes go have a look at the characters chapter in the story--PurpleSlothStories ❤️

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