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Lizzie's POV

Fabray Home





Those were the sounds of my own father hitting me and why you may ask well I got an A- on my English assignment, an A- of all things but in the Fabray household that wasn't good enough anything but perfection wasn't good enough.

"You're lazy and you don't care why can't you be like Quinn she's on the cheerios, she got straight A's, she's dating the quarterback so tell me Elizabeth why can't you be like her" My father said to me.

I don't answer just sitting there curled in a ball letting it happen being reminded every day that I'm not good enough from my own family "pathetic" he says before walking away from me as I lay there.

Crying I slowly start to get up until I feel hands around my waist helping me up but I just scoff "go away Quinn" I tell her pushing her hands away and I get up and limp to my room.

Once I get into my room I shut the door and lean against a wall sitting now and bring my phone out clicking the one person's name that I want to talk to right now.



"Sorry can't come to the phone right now, I'll call you back when I can"  the phone beeped and I decided to leave a message and I started crying "I need you right now, I can't do this anymore please" I say before ending the call.

I walked over to my bed and just laid down praying for the next day to come so I could get out of this house and then hopefully this town.

The Next Day

I woke up early and made my way out of the house quickly not wanting to see anyone in the house as I slowing made my way to school spending another day kept to myself since I didn't really have any friends.

I walked through the car pack seeing the jocks messing with Kurt Hummel and seeing the cheerios practices as I walked past them and headed to Spanish class since I was always early.

"Morning Mr Schue" I say as I walk in as I head to the back corner "morning Lizzie, hold up there, we've got assigned seats this year so you'll actually be sitting here" Mr Schue said pointing to a seat in the middle section.

I sit down and just keep my head down reading a book as the other students slowly walk-in and I hear someone sit next to me and I look up and see her and I look down again "oh go oh god oh god" I whisper to myself.

Santana Lopez my twin sister's best friend someone who under the radar I've been spending quite a lot of time with.


Santana invited me over to her place and why I don't really know but I went and again I don't know why "uh Sanatana why and I here, don't you have something to do with my sister " I asked her.

Santana looked up at me and smirked furthering my confusion "you know I see you staring at me right" Santana says causing me to look up wide-eyed "uh I don't know what you're talking about" I tell her.

 "Yeah you do and you and I both know it so now I want to know why" Santana says coming closer to me making me breathe in heavily "cause your pretty" I murmured hoping that she didn't hear is but judging by the smirk on her face she did.

I just kept looking down on the ground until I felt two hands on my cheeks and my head being lifted up until I look into Santana's eyes "you know I stare to sometimes just when you don't know it" Santana says.

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