28 ※ Sinister

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Chapter 28 Sinister

When she had approached Hana and Rand with her preposition they had readily agreed.  Now Tan stood, brushing her hair back into a slick ponytail the morning of the duels, smiling at the odd boy whose eyes wandered as she leant against the sink in only a towel.

On her tip toes, she tilted her head side to side, making sure she looked her best. The agent wasn't stupid—and exterior presentation in a fight was important. And she had been preparing her whole life for the moment in the ceremony, where she would stand on that stage and look out over the crowd, receiving her first stripe as an official member of DETRA.

Her brother had been an assassin here before he left. Now she would follow in his large footsteps.

The sinks were disgusting she thought, as she smoothed her hair back in the mirror. DETRA spent no expenses asking their staff to clean up after recruits. Drawing a line of kohl under her eyes and standing back satisfied, she caught the eye of Rand who had just come from his cold shower.

They didn't talk. His small eyes followed hermovements. Everything was dangling over this betrayal today. Stomach knottedand muscles turning over in turmoil, she faced her reflection...and smiled.

This is only a small upbeat into the next chapter, which I will be posting later today!

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