Skating - Scomiche

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*Scott's POV*

As Scott and I got dressed, I couldn't help but laugh. We had chosen to match this year for the "Pentatonix Halloween Get Together." The title of today sounds fancy but it's really not. We're just going ice skating then we are all coming back to mine and Mitch's apartment to carve pumpkins. After much debate, we finally decided to go as Kurt and Blaine from Glee, because why not? It would be cute for us to dress as other gay guys who sing constantly.

After I put on the uniform's jacket like Blaine wore on the show, I checked my hair in the mirror. We had used that hair spray that would turn my hair brown for the night, and I wasn't really sure how I felt about it. Mitch even shaved for the night, which was strange to see since he hadn't fully shaved for a long time now. As we checked ourselves out together for the final time before we left I couldn't help but start singing some old cheesy song. We definitely fit the roles we were playng.

We got to the skating rink a few minutes late. Mitch had made me stop to get us coffee at Starbucks (of course, right?) Kirstie was the first to come greet us. Her bubbly personality making me smile and forget about the unwanted stop on our trip. Mitch and I took our turn hugging Kirstie while Avi and Kevin came over to greet us. Now that we were all here it was time to actually skate. It was an outside rink and wasn't nearly as cold as I thought, but that didn't help my nerves. I had never been ice skating before and I was literally shaking with nerves at this point.

We laced up our skates and started towards the ice. I took Mitch to the side to tell him I had never done this before.

"It will be okay. I won't leave your side until you're ready. Okay?" Mitch whispered, comfortingly into my ear.

"Okay." I smiled, knowing Mitch got the reference I had made when he jokingly punched me in the arm.

I wasn't actually doing as bad as I thought. We had been on the ice for about twenty minutes and I had managed to keep my butt off the ground thus far. The more comfortable I got, the farther Mitch got from me. He would skate in front of me and encourage me to catch up with him. It was pretty cute actually. He would hold his hand out for me and when I grabbed it he would pull me close to him and spin us around in small circles. I watched as Kirstie and Avi raced across the rink, Kevin being the judge. They were still kids, I swear, but I didn't mind. Honestly, if I were a better skater I'd do the same thing.

We all started taking selfies after that. First it had started with us having someone take a picture of us all dressed up- me as Blaine, Mitch as Kurt, Avi as a teddy bear, Kirstie as a fairy, and Kevin as a prince. Mitch and I started taking selfies after that, since we had actually coordinated for the event. It then quickly escalated into who could take the worst selfie until we decided it was time to head back to the apartment.

I had picked up the five biggest pumpkins I could find yesterday when I went shopping for the mini party we had planned. The thing that Mitch didn't know is we had something planned for these pumpkins. I had decided the rest of PTX were going to write out a secret message for Mitch. As Kevin started carving out the "with," I had to make sure Mitch couldn't see what we were making. My word was "Scott" so it wasn't that suspicious and I did allow Mitch to help me with sketching my design onto my pumpkin.

When we were all finished I had Kirstie take Mitch into the kitchen so the rest of us could set up the pumpkins. Mitch was definitely surprised when he came back to find 4 pumpkins lined up. The first saying "Will you" the second saying "go out" the next saying "with" and finally mine with "Scott?"

He stood there shocked, speechless. My stomach tied in knots until I saw the smile creeping onto his face. As he slowly nodded his head 'yes' I never broke eye contact with him. My face lighting up just as bright as the pumpkins as I realized I could finally call Mitch Grassi my boyfriend.



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