Part iv - Bye.

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Dinner was normal that night and everyone was happy and exchanging gifts for the new year and laughing.

I stared at Christopher and wondered how long he had felt this way and why I could never see the change.

That night we both said goodnight at eight o'clock and Christopher announced he was going to walk me to my room and our parents were pleased and silently nodded in gracefulness for the situation and behavior of Christopher.

Once Christopher had reached my room, I pushed the door open wide and allowed for him to come in.

'Do we really need to do it this way?' I sighed, turning around to change.

'Yes' he whispered and laid on my bed like on first of January.

I took his lead and sat down beside him.

We met half way and he smiled and kissed me again.

This kiss was urgent and desperate.

We were breaking so many rules and it was exciting for a change and it was new and I liked it.

We pulled away.

We were both bare chested and only in bottom underwear.

'Are you sure you can do it?' He breathed huskily.

I wasn't sure myself but if it meant we were out of here, I was ready.

I smiled and he knew my answer.

It was fast and it was loud and it was just what we wanted to happen.

As I screamed in pain, an unknown emotion surfaced and it enjoyed this pain.

The door had burst open and there were screams and they weren't mine and our mothers were crying and fathers looking the other way.

Our mothers tried to pull us apart but we clung like super glue.

- - -

The plan was in motion and I was to be dressed and ready. I had to meet Christopher in the garage.

Upon the site of him, I wanted to burst out and cry.

Punishment for the most forbidden was belt whips till one bled and collapsed to the floor unless one confessed and wanted forgiveness. He did not want forgiveness, he took every blow and looked a handsome mess.

'Let's go. Before they notice' He hurried me.

Grabbing my hand in his softly and opening the boot of his family car to get his own bag out.

As he closed the boot, the door that connected the garage to the house slowly opened and it revealed my mother.

She was still tear streaked but she didn't look surprised to see us both with bags in hand and on the verge of escape.

She walked towards us, her thoughts concealed with her blank and expectant expression.

Christopher and I had stiffened.

This was it, we were going to be caught and that was worse.

Being caught escaping was so much worse than doing the most forbidden.

'I knew you both weren't like us. I never said. I never will. I just wondered how long it would take you. For that and my prediction being true, take this and go wherever your hearts desire.' She handed me the bulky envelope and pulled us all into a hug.

'Look after Jocelyn, please Christopher?'

'I will Mrs Lucas'

She turned to me and I noticed she had new tears leaking from her eyes.

'Bye. Bye sweet child of mine.' her voice sounded shattered. Not hers and full of raw emotion.

She kissed my forehead and disappeared to inside.

Christopher tugged my hand and we were off.

Off to escape to a world I didn't know and maybe, just maybe. A world Christopher knew that no one seemed to notice.

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