Part iii - Trust him

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Days had passed and Christopher and I were politer and cordial. Just like we were raised, to act around each other and adults around us.

We seemed to never get a moment alone.

I couldn't help wondering what it was, the way he would get us out.

I had walked to the bathroom and his hand darted out and pulled me in, locking the door.

'What is it?' I asked him helplessly.

He examined me with those dark blue eyes, determination clear in them.

'I know how we are going to get out of here. I know it.' He reassured.


He winked. I had never seen him wink, or even knew he was capable for a wink but the wink sent my knees weak and wobbly.

'Tomorrow evening when my family visits yours, have a small bag packed with essentials and and your money hidden from your parents. I will bring my bag also and hide it in the boot of the car, that is always unlocked.'

'And then what?' I promoted excitedly.

He told me and I felt uneasy with he plan, but he was right. It was the only way.

And then he pulled me to him and he kissed me hard and passionately and I could taste his mouth and it tasted for peaches from lunch. And I loved peaches.

He pulled away, and straightened his hair and shirt, then straightened my outfit and put his hand into my front pocket and expertly clasped onto my lip gloss and applied s coat to my lips before resting the lip gloss in my open palm.

'How?' I gasped amazed at how well he had just did that. How he had known in the first place.

It was forbidden for us to share so much affection at such a young age.

'You don't know a lot about me Jocelyn Lucas. No one does.' And he left the room.

I pressed my hands to my sticky lips and looked into the bathroom mirror.

Why was he like this? I asked my reflection.

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