first meeting

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I am really happy with the thought to update first chappy...☺☺☺☺



Oberoi mansion...

Today ommkara was so happy..
Because today he is going to engaged with his love..

The one of his life who changed him completely...
Who changed him  from a play boy to a committed man..
From a carefree person to a responsible man..
Ishana Malhotra..

The time come and he saw his gf and would be wife coming downstairs wearing a golden lehnga.... With a blushing face..


Escape from his mouth..
All the guest clap for her..

"Khoteyaa... Have some shame"

Dadi told him strictly when she saw him staring ishana...
Ommkara roll his eyes..

"O God this old lady"

Ommkara said..
He have no one except his Dadi kalyani Singh oberoi...
His parents was dead in an accident when he was 5..
He have no siblings or cousins..

Due to the over love treatment he because a bigdel chironta..
And known as a Casanova among the girls...
But then ishana came into his life..
And now he is changed..

Ishana was so happy...
First he hate ommkara for his Casanova image..
But when she went close to him..
She knows that he is the best person she ever meet..
She fall in love with him..

Ommkara slip the diamond ring in her finger and all clap...
Ommkara kiss her cheek and ishana blush..

"Besharam ladka"

Dadi scold him..

"Old lady... She is my would be wife... What is wrong in this"

Ommkara reply and Dadi shake her head...

Ommkara and ishana are feeling they are the happiest person in this world now...

Finally they are engaged..

Unaware from the Strom which is coming to their life..


Mumbai railway station...

A train stop at the platform...
A 6 year old boy jump from the train with a heavy bag hanging on his back..


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"Atharv... Stop jumping beta"

A girl shout and get down from the train with a suitcase and bag..

" Mom... I am okey... Give me the bag... You are tired"

Atharv try to take the bag..
That woman smile to see her caring son..

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