Part ii - breakfast

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During the morning we had been awaken by our mothers to attend a breakfast in the dinning room.

I prepared myself for the day and selected a white dress, with white sleeves and white stockings to go with beige ankle boots. Adding a beige belt to the dress last.

Breakfast was normal.

At the table I was sat across from Christopher who was the perfect son in our tradition, positioned in between his smiling parents, chatting to mine.

Like Christopher, I was positioned between my parents also and trying to be the perfect daughter.

'How was, your New Years Eve children?' My mother asked.

I quickly darted my eyes to Christopher, although subtly so our parents wouldn't notice the panic that crossed in the blink of an eye.

I dared Christopher to speak first of what happen. He had been acting as if nothing happen, which I was thankful of.

'It was pleasant Mrs Lucas. We had the garden salad and cheese and bread for a snack, whilst watching the ball drop. I brought a glass of milk to Jocelyn before bed and walked her to her door.' It sounded rehearsed and practiced.

I pressed my lips together and tasted my mouth with my tongue. His taste was gone, long gone since the first brush of my teeth with strawberry toothpaste.

He didn't let it slip what happen last night. He acted completely natural, and our parents believed every word he said.

Of course they would.

He was perfect to all four adults and perfect for me.

The clock chimed. It chimed hourly and indicated it, was ten o'clock in the morning.

'We must be off to service now, Arnold' Christopher's mother addressed his father.

'Of course Robyn. Come everyone, let us go now' Mr Jones announced, clasping his hands in a good will way.

The service was full today, for it was the first day of the year and sins were to be heard, so these people may be free to start sinless.

At the commencing of the service, woman followed Christopher and I's mothers and man followed our fathers.

It left us both alone. Over the years, we were both left alone.

He acknowledged me with a curt nod, coming from the alter and gestured for me to follow him.

He led us outside of the church and to the park that was two blocks away from the church and two blocks away from my house.

'How are you?' He asked.

He placed himself on one of two swings on the swing set and I joined him.

'Good' I smiled.

'I am also good Jocelyn' he smiled back and pushed off and started a swinging motion.

His voice vibrated through the air as he spoke again.

'I want to go somewhere, anywhere away from here Jocelyn. This life is putrid and boring and restricted and it's not fair. I want to live for real. This is all so false.' He concluded.

I stayed silent.

'I'm sorry for putting you under this strain of knowing my thoughts but there is no one else I can trust nor talk to.' He added.

We were pathetic. That's the right word. We were trapped in this life neither of us was meant to be in. He hated it and I always had a feeling he did.

And he was right.

We could only trust each other.

This was ridiculous.

'It is fine. Though Christopher, what forever will we do?'

We had both slowly stopped swinging.

'We get out of here' he simply declared.

'And go where?'

'The Lord only knows, but far away from here and all of this.' He indicates with hand movements.

I moved off the swing and start climbing the ropes, hearing him following behind.

'How? We have no money! Plus we don't understand the world outside of our own'

I focused on climbing to the top, something I had done dozens of times.

'I do. I have lots of money. My parents have given me money since I was a small child and I have had no purpose of its use so I would save it for something special that I desired. But I've never desired something till now and that is to escape.'

Escape. The word had a ring to it. It sounded like the answer to your problems. But was it?

I had never even thought of leaving this. This world. It felt so foreign and unknown. I was not sure I could face it alone.

'Well in that case, I do have money but only $1,000 saved. My parents never gave me much money over the years.'

'Perfect. I have $50,000. We will be okay. Just trust me Jocelyn, and I will get us both out of here and to a better place where we are both free'

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