Part 3 [chapter 7]- I'm Gonna Hold You

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"You're a vain thing-"

Eurydice cut her off. "I think I used to be beautiful. Maybe that's why Orpheus loved me. I used to look adventurous and prideful and lovely and wild. Maybe he loved for that."

Calliope was silent for a second. "You aren't beautiful anymore?"

"No." Eurydice answered matter of factly. "Not anymore. You lose a lot of yourself in hell but I didn't think of those things would be my beauty. Not that I cared so much then, but now... all I can see is my eyes..." her throat constricted. "And pale skin, and skinny body. I didn't think I'd mind not being beautiful but... it took away who I was."


"No, not like that," she said slowly. "Took away everything I loved about myself and now I'm left with the worst parts of me. The cowardly side and the ugly side and the angry side."

Calliope scoffed but it felt half hearted, without the heat she'd had just a few minutes ago. "Don't ask for my pity, sweetheart."

Eurydice swung her gray eyes back to look at her. "You think I wish for this? For other's pity? I didn't want this."

Calliope had no answer to that.

"When did you even come back? How soon after he got back from..."

"About two months." she answered. "It was all one big, amazing coincidence that I was taking a path through the forest when I heard this terrible, sad guitar playing and stumbled upon my son."

"I'm glad he had you." Eurydice said bitterly, starting to search the room for more clothes. "Where did you put my clothes?"

"I threw them out." Eurydice opened her mouth to retaliate. "There are clothes that I think are yours in the middle drawer, don't you know that? You lived here, afterall."

"I thought he might have... moved them." she said before crossing the room find that Calliope had been telling the truth and that in a way, her clothes lay in that drawer, but not, because only one dress sat in view.

She lifted up the dress she was going to wear only for special occasions, though she never got the chance, a short yellow number that Persephone had given her as an early birthday gift, seeing as she wouldn't be there for Eurydice's actual birthday.

"You must've looked gorgeous in that color." Calliope said from the kitchen table, having sat down again. Her annoyance seemed to have melted into something a little kinder, something like empathy.

"I was going to wear it for our wedding." she said, her voice devoid of any emotion. "with a carnation in my hair."


"well," Eurydice said. "I guess I'm going to wear my wedding dress, there's nothing else here."

"I could lend you something of mine." she said, kindly, to Eurydice's surprise.

Eurydice shook her head. "You're far too tall. I'd be lost in all that fabric."

She could feel Eurydice's eyes on her back as she lifted Orpheus' shirt over her head and slipped on the yellow dress. She avoided herself in the mirror, so she wouldn't have to imagine how she would've looked in a different scenario where she'd have worn this dress for the first time.

"You do look lovely." Calliope said, as if in consolation.

"Thank you for being kind, I guess." Eurydice replied. "I suppose you've decided not to resent and hate me anymore?"

"I suppose so." Calliope said with a half smile, half grimace. "I can't blame you for things you can't help. I can't blame you for my son loving you. I can't blame you for who you love. So I've come to the conclusion that there's nothing I can do. I can't go back in time."

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