Chapter 119

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“…Marry me?” Zayn asked, and his dark eyes stared vehemently into Evelyn’s eyes.

He was panting; his chest was expanding and contracting at a pace faster than usual. Evelyn could see the twitching of muscle on the left centre of his chest: the accelerated beating of his heart.

Zayn presented small, red object to her and popped it open.

The inside of the square shaped ring box was decorated with midnight blue silk, and it shone under the gentle lighting of the four exquisitely beautiful glass lanterns, one placed above each corner of the bath.  

He is proposing to me… Evelyn thought. In a bath… and we are naked… oh fυck.

The unconventional—and incredibly, unromantically, bold—method of proposal did not surprise Evelyn as much as it should have; after all, they were an unconventional and incredibly unromantic pairing. However, that did not mean Evelyn was not flabbergasted by the infinitely unexpected gesture of love.

She stared at the immense, rectangular blue rock that lay atop an extremely thin band of silver, encrusted in a narrow row of tiny diamonds. The ring was simple, yet so extravagantly and bewitchingly glamourous.

The rock was a faint blue. It reminded Evelyn of the sky and the ocean: so clear, and untainted and just… beautiful.

“Is that a diamond?” Evelyn asked.

Zayn nodded. “The single biggest, natural blue diamond ever mined,” he said, and his hand touched her neck. It slowly lingered down towards her naked chest. He stopped when he felt Evelyn’s breath hitched. “It reminds me of you. Your eyes, your innocence, your ability to endure pressure and pain… It should be a crime, in desiring you the way I do. I am flawed, I know. I often hate myself for the monster I had become ever since I met you, ever since you showed me the wrongs of my ways. Before you, I was immersed in my ego, my own pleasures, my corrupted ways, and the desolation of my heart. I don’t deserve you, but if you give me the chance, and give me the honour of having your hand in marriage, I promise you I will spend the rest of eternity, trying to be worthy of you.”

He took a step closer towards his frightened love. Her body was trembling, slightly.

Her eyes darted from Zayn, to the ring, then back to Zayn, then back to the ring, then back to Zayn again…

His hand moved upwards her throat. Zayn placed his finger against one of Evelyn’s pulsating veins.

“I…” she stuttered, completely lost for words.

She was brave, she was courageous, but she knew it to be unwise to defy Zayn.

His predatory brown eyes watched Evelyn intensely. Did Zayn appear to be scared, nervous maybe? She didn’t know.

For a moment, Evelyn wondered which kind of torture Zayn would use after she denies his proposal, and who would be affected by her actions. In Evelyn’s heart, she wanted to believe he would not punish innocents, but she was no longer naïve enough to believe that.

“I…” she stuttered again… Zayn leaned down and brushed his lips against her jaw. His cheek touched hers, and the contact with her skin felt mesmerising.

Zayn knew exactly how to use her body’s natural desires, and the natural sexual allurement of being a vampire, against her.

Yes, I have to say yes, there is no other way… Evelyn was thinking.

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