You Make Me Feel Alright
In The Middle Of The Night

When I Want To Be Dead
But Then You Creep Into My Head

You Are My Cure
My Love For You So Pure


He's Not Okay; He's Not Alright
Every Day Feels Like A Fight

She's Faking A Smile
For A While

And They're Both Living A Lie

They Found Love In Each Other
When She Lost Her Mother

Dark Turned To Light
And They Fought Each Other's Fights


"Stop Cutting", They Say
"It'll All Go Away."

But They Don't Know Me
How I Want To Be Free

So I Fall And Fall
Until The Pain Takes It All


He Keeps Me Alive When I Want To Be Dead
With All The Mean Words Still Rattling Inside My Head

But Isn't It Strange?
That One Thing Can Change

And My Enemy Becomes My Love


Guys I wrote these all in school bc idk sadness its kind of my thing I guess.

I like poetry I guess.

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