France x Reader [Halloween Special]

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You better not enjoy this too much because France is my all time favorite character! I do like the BTT in genral though, but anyway I am making this on Halloween so that is what day it will be in the story. Hope you enjoy, but not too much ;)


Tonight is Halloween. You and France were doing couples costumes , like every year. France was your room mate but were still really good friends to the point almost inseparable.

You were dressed in a nurses costume (Just imagine yourself dressed in England's outfit he wore on episode 11 of season 5 minus the star stick XD) and France was dressed in a doctors costume.

Francis came up behind you and placed his hands on your hips.

"Oh no, I have a cut on my lip. Nurse _____, will you kiss it and make it better?" He wrapped his arms around you and placed his head on your shoulder. Out of the corner of your eye, you can see him pouting.

You laughed and wiggled out of his grasp.

"Hand these out to kids will you please? I have to go get my little hat." You went upstairs to get it and when you came back down, Prussia and Spain were in your living room.

Prussia was dressed as a pirate and Spain dressed as a cop,holster and weapons at all. You made a metal note to stay away from Spain because the last time he brought a gun into your house, you needed a new window.

"Hey Prussia. Hi Spain." You waved and went into the kitchen and came out with some drinks.

"Oi France. If your assistant gets any cuter I am going to have to arrest her." He winked and pulled out a pair of handcuffs which you were hoping were plastic but were probably real. (Spain knows a guy)

France pulled you close.

"Mine." He kissed your cheek and you giggled.

"Come on, we have windows and you might scar children." You handed him a drink.

"So what are you two doing tonight?" You asked, handing a drink to them also.

"Vell," Prussia piped up, "Ve might head out and to America's party later and vanted to know if you and France would come too. It's not over until 2AM."

You tossed around the idea.

"Well after the trick or treaters stop coming, I guess. Why not?" You set down the tray you were using to carry the drinks and took on door duty.

xxxxxTIME SKIPxxxxx

Porch lights started to go out and kids started to go home. The clock said 10:30.

"Can ve go get drinks now?" Prussia pleaded.

"Fine. Let me go change." You said.

You were about to head upstairs but and a hand grabbed your wrist. You looked to see France.

"I don't want you to change. I love that on you. It looks so good on you, plus," France pulled you close and whispered in your ear, "I want to make everyone there jealous."

You blushed and grabbed your keys.

"Let's go."

xxxxxTIME SKIPxxxxx

When you got at the party, all the countries you know were there, even Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

You played the games they had. Chalk oulines, Horror movie trivia, the grave keepers, and petrified pyramid.

You honestly had no idea what the time was because America hid all the clocks in his house during parties so people would stay longer.

Your eyes were getting heavy. You spotted France and stubmbled over to him.

"Hey France," You yawned and held a table for support, "I think we should go home. I can barely stay awake for another second."

France smiled and caught you as fell. You had fallen asleep.

"Yo France, what did you do?" America came over and saw you passed out in his arms.

"Mon Cher fell asleep. I need to take her home." France sat down and stroked your cheek.

"You guys can have the guest room. It's upstairs. First door on the right." He pointed toward the stairs and went back to the party.

France carried you up the stairs and when he got to the room, he gently set you down on the bed and took off your shoes and hat.

"Good night, ma douce(my sweet)." He took off his lab coat and stethascope and crawled in next to you.

xxxxxIn the morningxxxxx

You stretched and realized you weren't in your room. Looking around you see France next to you. Laughing you got out of bed and opened the door, realizing this is America's house.

There was a rustling sound behind you, and you turned to see France, sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

"Good morning Francey Pants. Sleep well?"

He laughed and nodded. You went over and put your hat back on.

"How did we get here? I don't really remember last night."

"Well, mon cher, you fell asleep during the party and America was kind enough to lend us this room." He got out of bed and stretched.

"Hey _____?"

"Yeah France?" You slipped on your left shoe and started on your right. He came over and kissed your forehead.

"Je t'aime. I always have." His blue eyes seemed to dance as he told you this.

"Je t'aime France. I also always have." He kissed you and when he pulled back he embraced you in a hug. You smelled roses and wine and it was rather pleasent.

"Come on Francey Pants. Lets go home."


How was this? I let my imagination wander and this is what it came up with! I hope you like it but not too much! Remember, Francey Pants is mine! ;) Happy Halloween!

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