2 | Cookies And Sweaters

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        "Isn't this just great?" Logan exclaims sarcastically after twenty minutes of lying around and waiting for the train to start moving again. But unfortunately it didn't and it seems like the snowy blizzard only became worse. If the train would've kept going I would be home by now. Back home with a cup of hot chocolate, watching some sloppy romantic comedy with my dog.

        Outside it's now fully dark and nothing can be seen, except for an occasional light coming from a road far away. But since the train is stood still in the middle of the countryside, the main things to be seen are trees and various crops. About five hundred meters from the train is a small ranch. Dimmed lights can be seen from here, but only if you look very well.

        "You know, I'm actually scared from the dark," I whisper, moving further from the window. I feel Logan's leg against mine and the warmth feels somehow comforting.

        "I'll sit there," Logan volunteers and stands up, ready to switch seats. Thankful I fastly sit on his seat, making sure I don't touch him in any inappropriate places.

        "I know what will help," Logan then says, before diving into his overflooding backpack. Seconds later he retrieves a brown package with red letters from it, triumphantly swaying it in front of my face.

        "Chocolate chip cookies?" I chuckle, before gently taking one from the plastic package. As soon as I take a bite, the taste of milky chocolate and chruncy cookie is being mixed in my mouth, almost making me moan.

        "It's good, isn't it?" Logan smirks, before taking a cookie as well and stuffing it in his mouth. I nod heavily, but try to keep my mouth closed so he won't see my chocolate-covered teeth.

        After several minutes of eating cookies, a man comes into our train cabine. He has a large mustache and I could probably fit three times in his belly. Considering he's wearing the train uniform, he must be either the conductor or the machinist.

        "Hello there, I'm here to bring some bad news. The train won't be able to move any further due to heavy snowfall. They're sending out people to clear the way, but it will take somewhat longer than ten minutes," the man points outside, where the snow even has started to cover parts of the window.

        "How long, then?" I ask, a bit scared for the answer.

        "Maybe an hour or two," the man replies, scratching his mustache.

        "What? That's ridiculous!" I burst out, knowing it isn't the mans fault, but still.

        "Sorry, miss, but I can't help it either. Would much rather be with my wife and kids too, you know," the man shrugs apologetically and then walks away, probably to inform the other passengers too.

        I start fiddling with my thumbs and let my head fall against the headrest. The corners of the window are now starting to become white and the ticking of hail is starting to get louder again, becoming the only sound in the cabin. Then I grab my phone and text my parents, saying the train broke down and I will be home in a couple of hours. Immediately I get a text back from them, saying I have to stay in the train and have to call when I'm at the station. Well, guess there goes my plan to build snowmen and have snowball fights in the dark.

I see Logan grabbing his phone as well - probably to text his parents too. I watch as he types something, his brows furrowed and eyes focused on the device in his hands. His veiny hands and bony fingers move fastly across the bright screen. Outside the snow is still falling as hard as it did before and any sign of the storm settling down isn't showing.

        "Well, my parents can't pick me up, so I guess I'll have to wait," Logan sighs and runs a hand through his hair.

        "Same here," I breathe. It's getting colder in the cabin and for a moment it feels like they turned off the heating system. I shiver and start rubbing my hands on my thighs to gain warmth.

        "Getting cold?" Logan's voice speaks questioning.

        "Yeah, think they turned off the heaters to save energy," I reply, looking up to meet his green eyes. I see him pondering on something, his eyes flickering between me and his burgundy sweater. Suddenly he stands up and tugs on his sweater, removing it from his slim frame. As soon as the garment is removed from his body - leaving him in a white shirt and even messier hair - he hands the knitted jumper to me.

        "No no no! You will get a cold!" I argue, shocked by his action. Though I feel a bit of redness growing on my cheeks.

        "Don't worry, I don't get cold that easily. Now, put it on or else you will get a cold," Logan chuckles and shoves the sweater in my lap. I hesitate for a moment, but seeing his firmness, I end up tugging the garment over my head and letting it fall around my small frame. On Logan it looked huge, so seeing it on me is almost ridiculous. I look like a walking sweater with legs, though nonetheless I already feel way warmer than I did seconds ago.

        "Thank you so much," I smile at Logan and feel a bit awkward - shall I hug him or not? Slowly I start to lean in and open my arms, meeting Logan's smiling face. A few moments later his arms are wrapped around me, his warmth radiating against me. And surely, there are about four layers between us, but still, his touch feels warming and intimate.

        And even though I feel like glowing - when he whispers "no problem" in my ear I feel shivers running down my spine.

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