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Hey all! 

Thanks for much for sticking it out with me all these years. If you're here and you haven't read book 1, TAKE ME TOMORROW, go check that out now. If you have and you are ready for book 2, you are in the right place! 

Took Me Yesterday officially releases on November 2, 2019. 

My plan is to post one new chapter every Saturday! The third and final book, NEVER TAKEN, will soon follow.

If you would like to support me or my work, please check out my other novels on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or wherever books are sold. The Timely Death trilogy is a paranormal romance without vampires or welewolves! It takes place in Kansas and is based off of Midwest folklore. The Bad Bloods series is a dark dystopian sci-fi, similar to X-Men, but much darker. Both are published by Clean Teen Publishing.

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