Chapter 29 - It's Familiar, and Familial

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"What do you want, Lauren?" he said again, sterner this time.

"Okay, so now I'm starting to get the picture. Where are you?"


He could practically hear a roll in her eyes. She released an annoyed huff and said, "Are you not back home?"

"I'm about to fly back to London right now. Boarding's in about an hour or so."

"No, what I meant was..."

Richard listened carefully. The sounds he could make out suggested that she was at home, or somewhere indoors, and that she had opened some kind of curtain or cover. He could hear metal slide against another metallic surface briskly.

Lauren spoke again. "Are you not back in Elderslie?"

"Elderslie?" he echoed. "Why would I be back in Elderslie?"

"Well..." She sang out the word in an unsure manner. "I dunno. I just saw Mia here and—"


"Yeah. What's with you and repeating everything? You sound like a parrot."

Richard ignored her snarky comment and continued. "Where did you see her?"

"She just passed by the house, rolling a suitcase around. Is she moving back home? I thought she's living with you."

Richard stood up from the bench and began a walk back to the check-in counter. He didn't bother to fall in line, making a run for the nearest opening which happened to be reserved for premium members of the airlines. He had almost forgotten that he was still on the phone.

"Hello? Richard?"

"I gotta go," he quickly said, once again opening his wallet in front of a stewardess.

"Excuse you, I—"

"I'll see you later."


It took Richard hours to find a flight to Glasgow, and when he arrived, it was dark. Night had fallen, but fortunately for him, buses were still available bound for home.

He was back in no time, but before he could run to Mia's house, he decided to stop by his first. It was much more of a formality than it was a courtesy.

"Do you hear that?" Pat asked her husband at the dining table. She placed her fork down and focused on the sound of keys that rattled in the distance.

"Hear what? I can only hear the clock," Richard Sr. replied.

Lauren followed her mother's lead and stared at the front door. The lock clicked and the doorknob turned, a windchill breezing through dinner as a frazzled Richard stepped inside.

"Hi mum, dad," he said, rolling in his suitcase. He placed it beside the door. "Just leaving this here."

"Hello, I'm here, too!" Lauren pointed out.

"And dearest sister." He flashed his family a nervous smile before turning around. His stomach growled when he caught a whiff of his mother's cooking, but there was no more time left to waste. He immediately exited the home in a breeze. "Bye!"

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