Morning Loneliness

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He's walking over to her, a wide smile on his face. She smiles back with just as much enthusiasm, maybe even a little more than him, if that's even possible. Mark's standing there telling her how much he loves her. She responds with the same over-used but ever classic verse. Caitlyn turns to the mirror on the side of her and a shrill scream is released from her lips. Her red hair is gone, replaced with blonde as are her grey eyes, now a bright shade of blue. "Talia," she hears him whisper to her "Tal, are you feeling okay?". She uncontrollably replies with "Sure I am sweetie". "Good, I wouldn't want anything bad to ever happen to me, you're the most important person in my life. I love you so much".

Caitlyn wakes in a sweaty daze, it was just a nightmare. Or was it a dream? Maybe the only way she ever will have Mark love her is if she is this Talia girl. Yeah, that would be good. She wouldn't have her life, her parents, her looks and she would have Mark. Or maybe the part of her dream that scared her the most was when Mark implied that Caitlyn wasn't important to him. What was she thinking!? Why were tears springing to her eyes? Mark hadn't even said that, it had been a dream right? Or was it? Maybe a prediction? Whoa, she steadies her mind, an overflow of questions isn't a good thing to have at...hmm 'what IS the time?' she wonders as she rolls over to read her bedside clock. 5:19am.

Great, what an amazing time to wake up at! She's having trouble deciding whether to go back to sleep and have the possibility of not waking up till noon, or staying awake now and having to find something to do for 2 hours before she has to get ready for school. After some time debating to herself she finally settles on staying up. She slowly rolls over and sits up. Rubbing her eyes as she swings her legs over the side of her bed. She lets out a screech of pain as her foot hits something sharp. She hops over to her light switch and turns it on, the room flooding with light.

'Oh, right' she sighs to herself it's the debris from her fit of rage last night. Glass is everywhere mostly in big pieces, at least that's easier to clean up. Her laptop lays semi mangled on the floor. Scratches all over it, from the glass she thinks to herself as she heads out to the hall to get the vacume.

One hour and one very clean carpet later Caitlyn collapses in a heap on her lounge room couch. All the glass from her floor is gone and the wreckage in the bin, her laptop that she can't wait to tell her parents about when or even if they get back. The house is quiet, way to quiet for her liking. Caitlyn likes having background noise, it helps her feel less alone. 6:32am, that's the time that reads on the clock above the television. She grabs for the remote but it slides off the couch and hits the floor. Can she do nothing right? She just gives up, there goes her T.V idea.

7:01am. Wow she sat there for half an hour pondering over her pathetic life, that must be a goal of some kind. Whatever. She sprints up the stairs getting ready for the day. School, work, mean girls. . . Mark and Talia. Oh boy, she was in for one Hell of a time.

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