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Don't get me wrong I love Ermias with everything in me but after the hospital I had to think about it. We kissed, Had a little conversation, I rubbed on his dick because I was horny clearly pregnancy hormones. But nothing changed the fact that he still cheated. He asked me to come home I said I'll think about it, He left mad and in his feelings. I told him he can still see Kam, So that's who he's with right now.
   Its the day of The Baby Shower and I'm happy this means its getting closer to meeting my baby boy. Samantha, Nae, The Twins and Cassie put everything together they're so excited to show me everything that's going down. "Boog have you talked to Nip?" Malika said putting her gifts in the car, "Yeah at the Hospital, He let me know he loves me and wants to change.. you know all the right shit niggas say when they get caught cheating?"
"Wait I thought y'all were good though?" Cassie said.
"She did that overthinking thing and made herself mad again" Nae butted in.
Sammy came over rubbing my belly, "I'm so ready for him to comeee"
"Girlllll he got two weeks his eviction notice is being placed at midnight"
"He's gonna be so adorable"
    I went in to get dressed so we could leave, I was anxious to see everybody. When we pulled up everything looked beautiful down to the decorations, The Theme, The colors it was just like how I imagined it. My aunt and cousins were watching the kids while everybody talked and greeted each other. I walked in and everybody clapped. Kam and Emani came running with Jroc and Hoggy in the back of them giving me the biggest hug, "We missed you" Kam said while him and Emani hugged around my waist.
"Ayeee Sis"
"Heeeey Chocolate Bookie"
"My nephew about to be here finally" Hoggy said
"Wheres Hussle?"
"He's out in the front"
I excused myself from everybody and went in the front where Hussle was. He was smoking with his back leaned on his car, "Dont come over here" He said taking another puff then he put the blunt out. At first he almost got cussed out but I noticed why he said don't come over yet. "You can come now Wassup Lauren?"
"Oh Im Lauren today?"
"You wanna do this here?"
"I don't want to argue Hussle"
"Are we together or not Lauren cuz it feel like you don't love a nigga nomo" Oh here he go with this shit, He know damn well I love him he just talking right now. "so you not gone answer me?" He said pulling me between his legs, I can go from being mad at him to loving him in a short matter of five minutes. "We're together, you know I love you"  I cant see myself without him now, Its just the things he do thats hurtful and what he said.


   Here I am cheating on her and was talking crazy to her Yet, she still want to be with a nigga. She didn't have to forgive me, Didn't have to let me continue to be in her life, Or even yet In my sons life. The first time I cheated before she was even pregnant she could've went and did the same thing I did but she didn't. I asked her were we together or not and she said we are. I looked down and she was biting her lips with her dimples poking in her cheeks. I know its not the right place to do this but I need to get everything off my chest, Im not fucking with this separation shit.
"So many times I had the chance to tell the truth and played you, So many times you could've went and did you, but was faithful That's why I wanna thank you and then give you the best of me I can't take back the past but I got the recipe" I said rubbing her ass.
"Ermias, I love you"
"I love you too Boog"
"Let's just start fresh"
"This mean you coming home?"
"Yes, I'll rather fo through it with a real nigga"
  I was happy as fucc to hear that, She gave me a kiss and we walked in together. Everybody was clapping and cheering in shit giving us hugs. "You got that fixed?" Blacc said whispering in my ear. "Yea bro we good now" Blacc patted my back like a proud brother. We played games, Opened gifts, and ate. It was time to pick the baby name and shit I liked the name "Kross" So we decided on Kross "Ermias" Asghedom. Boog was tired and was ready to go, So after the last game we told everybody bye and headed out.

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