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Sorry it toke so long guys... I was not only busy with school but I've been having some real personal issues. I've been reading the comments and it seems that most of you wanted SCP-049 to be next, so for you my readers I did just that! Now with that said I really hope you enjoy this chapter.

You and Doctor were in your basement where he would try to heal some criminal humans. Right now you helped him tie down a serial rapist down on the cold metal table. The criminal was knocked out after you stabbed him with one of Doctors needles  to knock him out.

"Thank you Y/n. If you like to stay and watch you're more than welcome too."

"Thanks but I wouldn't want to get in the way of things."

"Don't worry about that you won't be in the way of anything. But I guess just by your staring would my greatest distraction."

He leans forward and was about to kiss you but before he could the criminal wakes up and starts shouting.

"What the fuck? LET ME OUT OF THIS FUCKING THING!" The criminal shouts.

"I'll leave you to it." You said before you kiss his cheek and went upstairs.


"Oh my, you are indeed very ill. Don't worry I can heal you. For I have the cure." 

He grabs a needle filled with a strange green liquid. The criminal kept trying to escape but he was tied down by the both his legs, arms, chest, and forehead. So trying to escape would be pointless.

Doctor then stabs the guy in the neck with the needle and pushes all the green liquid into his body. The criminal screams with agony but not even you could hear him from upstairs since the walls, floor and ceiling were all cement. So no matter what happens down there no one upstairs or anywhere could hear.

You were watching TV in your bedroom watching a good show/movie that you love. You had some snacks around you and the remote right by your side. 

Two hours later...

He was now done with his patient since he was died and was already decomposing. He puts his equipment away and leaves the basement leaving the dead body behind. He walks to your bedroom where you weren't there anymore, he looks around and hears the shower is running.

You just got in the shower leaving your clothes everywhere lying on the floor cause why not.

He gets an idea and slowly opens the door and lets himself in. He quietly shuts the door and locks it before he removes his robe and mask. You think you heard a something but you shrugged it off thinking it was just you.

While you were closing your eyes as you wash your hair he gets in and out of no where he wraps his arms around you which scared the hell out of you. You turn yourself to face him.

"Don't do that you scared me!"

"Sorry dear, I just figured that you may want some company." 

He pulls you hair down making you lift your neck towards him then gently pushes you against the shower wall while he kisses your neck. You already know you couldn't win against him so you wrap your arms around his neck.  

The next thing you know he lifts you up by the waist and you wrap your legs around him. Then you feel erect dick pressing against your lower abdomen. His passionate slow kisses on your lips and skin made you feel weak and wet. He knew all your sweet spots and he knows just by taking his time you would beg for him.

He stares at you for a minute and you look back with eyes telling him you wanted him. You didn't have to say anything, he could read you very clearly.

He lifts you up a little more and thrusts himself inside of you. You gasp and moan as he goes faster making your legs even weaker as you try to keep them wrapped around his waist.

He goes in and out at rapid speed not stopping, making you weak, making you moan louder and louder. All until you were closing to cumming.

"Shit, I'm about to -" You said.

"I know..."

He goes even faster all while aggressively kissing your neck. Soon you both came at the same time, you letting out one more loud moan.

He pulls himself out and kisses your lips to which you return. His arms were still around you pulling you closer to his muscular body. You didn't see much of his body figure since he'd always wear that black robe, but in times like this you really admire not only him bit his body as well. And his voice, his voice is sexy as fuck.

Minutes later you two get out of the shower and dry yourselves off before getting dressed to go to bed.

Ok.... So that was another Lemon Chapter! I think I'm gonna drink some bleach now, Bye!

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