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AN// hello my loves, just a quick warning. this is part 2 to an imagine i did on my sad imagine book called flatlined//g.d. you probably won't understand this one if you didn't read that one, so go check that out before reading this one :) i did post this imagine on that book so if you've already read it, you can just skip this one. but i know there are some of you who read this book and not that one, so this is for you guys <3

a quick summary for those of you who don't want to read that one: you're pregnant with grayson's child and go into labor one afternoon. what was a completely normal delivery to a healthy baby, ended up with you passing away after giving birth. taking your newborn daughter home, gray names her (y/n) after you :')

(third person pov)

Grayson leaned against the wall as he waited for his 6-year-old to be let out. And as soon as the final bell rang, he was up and walking towards the school. He waited a few minutes before his little princess came running out the door.

Grayson grinned and kneeled, opening his arms. "Daddy!" (Y/N) yelled, wrapping as much of herself around him as she could. He squeezed her tight and pulled away, standing up.

"How was your day, princess?" He asked as she reached up for his hand. (Y/N) grinned up at him as they started their walk home. "Did you eat all your snacks?" He asked. She nodded.

"I even ate the apple uncle E and I picked!" She exclaimed. Grayson smiled, ignoring the vibrating phone in his pocket. "I also got perfect on my spelling quiz, I got a sticker!" She said, one arm going up to show her excitement.

"I'm proud of you, princess," He said. (Y/N) smiled and looked up at her daddy. He was so tall, she wondered if she was going to be that tall. "What else did you do?" He asked her. She thought for a second.

"At gym, I got to be captain, and, and, and, I got to pick all the fast kids to be on my team," She told him. He nodded as she continued. "But we lost, but it's okay because we still got a lollipop," She said. Grayson chuckled, turning the corner.

"What matters is that all of you guys worked together as a team, right?" He asked her. She nodded. He smiled. "Looks like someone had a good day, let's get some ice cream to celebrate?" He asked. (Y/N) nodded and jumped up and down.

Grayson smiled, walking in the direction of the convenience store down the corner. (Y/N) didn't like dairy-free ice cream and Ethan had forbidden any other in the house. "How was your day, daddy?" (Y/N) asked Grayson. He smiled.

"Well, I edited a little bit of me and Uncle E's video, and then I made you dinner," He told her. She smiled up at him.

"Dinner already?" She asked. He chuckled and shook his head.

"I made a little bit of it and then we can make the rest when we're ready to eat," He told her. She nodded. "Uncle E's girlfriend's coming over for dinner, okay?" Grayson told his daughter, reaching the convenience store. She nodded as he opened the door for her. She let go of his hand to walk in.

"Thank you," She said, politely, making Grayson smile. "Oh! We had art today too, I forgot!" (Y/N) said. Grayson raised his eyebrows before pulling out an ice sandwich from the freezer. He held it up to her and she nodded and he grabbed one for himself.

"What'd you guys make?" Grayson asked her, bringing both treats to the counter, line-free.

"We made-" But (y/n) was cut off as the cashier began speaking.

"That's 5.30," The cashier told Grayson. Grayson paid for the ice cream before taking (y/n)'s hand. They walked out of the convenience and sat on the curb of the road.

Grayson took his daughter's bag, swinging it over his own shoulder before helping her unwrap her ice cream. "What were you saying back there, angel?" Grayson asked her as she licked the sides of her sandwich. She thought for a moment before smiling.

"I forgot to tell you we had art today!" She said. Grayson nodded, remembering. "We got to use the big kid, pointy markers!" She said proudly.

"And what'd you make?" Grayson asked. (Y/N) grinned.

"We made Mommy's day cards," She said. Grayson's face fell for a moment before he smile again. "Sunday's Mommy's day, daddy," She told him. Grayson nodded.

"We'll call Grandma, okay? So then you can show her your card," Grayson told her. (Y/N) shook her head. "You don't wanna call Grandma?" He asked her.

"I didn't make Grandma a card," She told him. Grayson opened his mouth to ask why but (Y/N) spoke again. "Daddy, where's my mommy?" She asked him for the first time in a few years.

She'd asked Ethan when she was younger, a few years ago, and he'd said that she was in heaven. (Y/N) hadn't bothered to ask her uncle what that was back then, but the more the days went by, it was all the little girl could think about.

"Well princess," Grayson started, sadness filling his heart. "She's up there," He said, pointing to the sky. (Y/N) frowned, confused. "Mommy's in heaven," He whispered as she ate his ice cream too.

"Where's heaven?" She asked. "How'd mommy get there?"

"Well," He started again, tears forming in his eyes. "When Uncle E and you pick apples, you guys pick the best ones, right?" He asked her. She nodded quickly.

"The best ones!" She repeated. Grayson sighed, nodding.

"Right, and so when you were born, God picked the best one to take," He said. "Mommy."

"But why?" She asked. Grayson sighed, unaware of how to explain it to his daughter. "Why mommy?" She asked.

"Because God wanted the best one, and so he took her," He told her. (Y/N) nodded. "He took her to heaven, and now, mommy's watching you from there," He told her. The little girl nodded.

"Does that mean mommy's," (Y/N) paused as Grayson's eyebrows furrowed. "Dead?" She whispered as if someone was going to hear. Grayson shut his eyes, letting a tear slip out.

He nodded slowly and (Y/N) frowned. "She passed away, yeah," Grayson whispered. His daughter sighed and reached up to wipe away his tear with her tiny hand. "She's an angel now, always was."

"What's mommy like?" She asked Grayson as if she were still here. Grayson sighed and smiled.

"Mommy was amazing," He told his daughter. (Y/N) smiled. "She was so funny and kind and she was the most beautiful girl in the world," He told her. (Y/N) smiled.

"Is that why me and mommy have the same name?" She asked him. Grayson nodded. "But you said that I'm the most prettiest girl in the world," She said with a frown. Grayson chuckled, standing up.

"Of course you are, you look just like her," He said, reaching for her hand. (Y/N) stood up, wiping her hands on her dress before reaching for Gray's.

"I wish mommy didn't pass away," (Y/N) said after a few moments of silence. Grayson sighed, looking down at his daughter.

"I wish she didn't either," He said. "So who did you make the card for, if it wasn't for grandma like last year?" He asked her. (Y/N) grinned up at him.

"You!" She exclaimed as they walked to the front door. "You do everything every mommy does," She explained.

"Angel," Grayson started, voice cracking.

"You're the best daddy in the world, you deserve mommy's day too." 

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