Chapter 2: The Hell Known as School

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They finally made it to school. It was the first day back from summer vacation, and the beginning of a new year.

Sage turned the car making another loud screech and turned the wheel again parking between to big vans. "Ok you two. well bye... Pick you up after your jail sentence is over." He smiled making Kirito jump out the car jealous he had to go to school.

Mewsie followed after him closing the door behind her. "Bye bye." She waved."love you daddy."

Kirito covered his ears and wrapped his tail around his self as their dad waved to them one last time before driving off.

"What are you doing nii san." She asked waving back to the car driving away with a smile on her face. She could see him out of the corner of her eye. "What are you doing that for?" She asked a little worry could be found in her voice as she reached out to touch him and then flinch as he became a little angry.

"You"ll see. Let's just go know." Kirito said heading to his class."

As they were heading to class a group of girls, around 10 girls, were looking around the school for Kirito desperately trying to find him.

"Kirito! Here kitty kitty kitty! Kirito! Where are you?!" They called over and over.

Kirito's ears flinched as he heard the girls calling him. "Oh god no!" His eyes widened in terror as he realized they were already after him. Panicking is never a good way to handle these kind of situations. So Kirito panicked making a sharp turn to the right and running into the tallest girl in his class, Heather, she was 5' 7" with blonde hair and blue eyes.

She stood there as Kirito ran into her and she closed her arms around him. "Got you." She smiled evilly.

Kirito believed if he tilted his head the right way she could pass as satan.

"Let go!" He struggled still holding his ears and tail tight leaving it to just his legs pushing away from her.

"Kirito, your so cute. You don't find attraction in me holding you this way." She closed her eyes and smiled blushing as Kirito stopped struggling to give her a plain expression.

" No way."

The blonde headed girl quickly shot back at him glaring. He then continued to struggle as the girl held him tight with one of her hands and pulled his arms away pulling and rubbing roughly at his ears with the other hand.

"Its ok Kirito you'll learn to love me soon." She smiled as the other girls looking for him hearing his struggles and ran over to him glomping him.

"Tahhhh! Let go of me! Hey that hurts!" He immensely blushed when this girl rubbed on his tail."h-hey don't touch that!" They didn't care to them his little sign of embarrassment was just to cute to stop their wave of torture.

"Kirito San your so cute!!!!!" They cooed as he hissed again. "I'm not cute! I'm a vicious monster rawwwwr!" He said trying to sound as scary as possible but they just laughed it off hugging him and pulling at his ears.

Mewsie was shocked! Of course, she was used to girls fawning all over her brother. Some have even gone the extra mile and followed him home.

Kirito was strong. Stronger then any grown human, but he couldn't bring himself to hurt a girl. He knows how bad he could hurt them if he really tried to move away, but this didn't change the fact, that he still want away from these crazy fan girls.

Mewsie couldn't take watching this anymore."St-Stop it!" She finally shouted with her fist glentched so hard her nails began to stab at her palms. "Leave him alone." Her eyes opened for a second and she could feel her eyes turning red as she quickly closed them again her body lightly shaking. "No.... Not here." She thought as her ears fell to the side of her head.

"Mewsie....." Kirito whispered to himself as he stared at his sister in complete awe before making a soft smile.

"Ha, and what are you going to do about it?" Heather raised her eyebrow petting Kirito's head.

"I-I-I." She heaved out her body starting to sweat from trying to hold her power in.

"She's gonna stand there while I kick your ass." An unfamiliar voice appeared from behind her.

Mewsie turned to the girl with blue hair and light blue eyes. She must be new, because I've never seen her before. Mewsie thought to her self as the girl walked closer standing by Mewsie.

" who are you?" Heather glared as the girl was now closer to the conflict.

"Forgive me for my rudeness." She did a small bow and looked up at them all."My name is Anastasia. You can call me Ana for short. I saw there was a problem with you handling that girls brother. Ten against one isn't fair. So I'm here to even things out a bit."

One of the girls rubbing her face against Kirito's chest laughed. "That's what you call being even? You're crazy."

Anastasia just yawned and stretched her arms for a few seconds."we'll be ok. It's not like your much of a threat anyways." She shot back making the red haired girl flinch back and hold on to Kirito tighter making him squirm from the pressure.

"Wait, I remember her!" A black haired girl pointed at Anastasia. She's a six grader and was at my elementary school pointing her hand as it began to shake and her eyes widened in fear. "She she ahhhh I don't wanna die!!!!!" The black haired girl took of running to the class as a sweat mark appeared on the faces before looking around at each other and taking off.

The last one standing was heather. "I'm not afraid. If you want Kirito back you'll have to fight me."

Anastasia shrugged and grabbed a black beating stick that was attached to her back. "Fine with me." She sighed getting bored.

Heather dropped him on the floor and Kirito decided to try to scoot away . So she stepped on his tail."stay!" She glared back at him.

"what do you think I am a dog!" He whined in pain as he squirmed more frantically now.

Anastasia spun her stick around before stopping it behind her neck and resting part of it on her shoulder."you can start." She smiled at her pissing heather of and punching her, but Anastasia crouchedd Down making her fist pass throu where the top of her body use to be and she swung her beating stick around making her fall on the ground realeasing Kirito. "Kirito! Mewsie! Run! Now!" She order as they both hesitated for a second before taking of to their separate classes.

"Haaaa that was crazy!" Kirito said crossing his arms behind his head and leaning back in his chair.

"Kirito where is your shirt." His English teacher asked as the girls sitting around him blushed at the revealing of his bare chest.

" If it's not here why does it matter where it is." He closed his eyes calmly letting out a little coldness in his voice.

"bring one tomorrow or I'll make you sit outside."

Kirito shrugged."you'll be ok. Don't you have a class to teach anyways? You're kinda wasting my education." He rolled his eyes looking away and one of the girls whispers. "He's so cool!"

The teacher just turned around and furiously wrote on the bord."well finish this after class."

In a separate class room. Mewsie was leaning against her palm as she listened to the teacher talk.Her ears twitched at all the girls talking about how adorable her brother is."nii San, you sure are popular." She sighed letting the silence fill the class room. She wasn't surprised that she didn't know what had been going on in Kirito's life. He's always shun her out no matter how much time she wanted to spend with him.

It was like that every day. She had no idea what he was trying to keep from her. She could fill herself reaching the point of tears making her face blush and her eyes become soft.

"Mewsie chan are you crying!" A boy sitting next to her ask as she turned away from him completely ignoring him.

" Nii San, why don't you love me." She thought as she felt the coldness of her brothers words. "Mewsie get out."

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