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Lana was waiting impatiently in the adoption center. 

The waiting room looked like something straight out of a shady drama show would do. The walls were white with dust all around them, the room was stuffy and not to mention she didn't need to hide her face because it seemed like no one even looked up from their work to see who was sitting there. 

Though the blonde woman at the reception gave her a look she was starting to get familiar with. It was disgust mixed with pity. Lana knew her once shiny brunette hair was in knots from not brushing it too often, her face was paler than it has ever been and her eyes were practically screaming that she was dangerous to every human she met. 

Lana wasn't even sure if this was the place she was born at but after searching through the whole office she finally found a file proving that indeed this was the one. Among other things, she also found some papers on Samara. Her statements to the cops, the receipt for pills, Zach and her photo on the school ground.

It was weird how her mom kept that particular photo Zach had taken of them in the cafeteria.

"You missed homeroom." Zach walked ahead to where she was standing and kissed her briefly as she rolled her eyes in amusement. There's nothing could bother her when he was with her. It's like he was her very personal fairy godmother, even if he would choke if he ever heard her calling him that.

"You know I'm grounded." Chuckling Zach wrapped her hands in him and they both walked into the cafeteria to sit for lunch.

"Hey, lovebirds," Barry smirked as he and Luke both took a seat beside them. Lana missed Samara terribly. Once upon a time, there was Samara, who used to sit beside Luke and chatted about anything and everything. The five of them were always together, anywhere they went.

But her stupidity broke them, she broke Luke.

"Hey, you alright?″ Zach asked with concern when Lana stopped eating. Shaking her head, she tried to smile but her lips wouldn't even stretch a little for a fake one. It seemed normal for Barry and Luke. But Zach knew she was thinking about her dead friend.

"Hey, let's take a photo of us. And then we can add Samara's photo into it." Zach suggested suddenly making Barry and Luke stop from whatever they were talking about. Luke's eyes hardened for a moment but then he nodded.

So, they all smiled in the photo of hoping to add Samara with us. And then Zach and Lana only took one.

"Maybe we can take pictures like this every year and add Samara's? That way she will be with us even after she's gone. That way, she'll be with me every year." Lana spoke quietly making Zach sigh.

"We will, I promise. But you have to believe that she's in a better place, sweetcheeks." He whispered kissing her forehead and she nodded.

Lana knew that. But they didn't know what really happened that day.

And she wanted to keep it that way, forever.

She put the photo in her bag with a sigh and looked up at the door, waiting for the stuff to finish searching old records. It's strange just how some hours ago she was thinking about reaping someone up but something just...was stopping her from brutally enjoying taking souls. It wasn't in her to just take it. She tried to go next door where an old couple lived. She had known them her whole life. When she went there...they just welcomed her into their home just like that.

Then she tried to take their soul...she really did. The call to take souls was there but the urge to kill was dying slowly. She couldn't bring herself up to actually hurt them. Why couldn't she hurt them? She had hurt several nurses back in the hospital. She killed people after escaping, so what was stopping her now? Guilt? Or the way Danny would look at her if he knew? 

She was a Reaper, she had to remember that. She just couldn't change herself. She shouldn't feel something for humans. It was not in her blood. And yet, she wanted to find her real mother hoping she would guide her. Was it just for that reason?

Or did all along she just really wanted her Reaper side gone?


By the time, it was almost morning Harrison's mom had blurted out all the things she knew about the Deshayes bloodline. She even had some old articles about that bloodline which Harrison flicked through every one of them with interest and intrigue. In fact, he was surprised to know one girl from the bloodline once lived too close to their town. 

She was in their clan which he had no idea of it till this day.

No wonder, he was never interested in the clan business so they banned him from telling him the important details. They were hypocrites by blood. Even as a child, he saw the greed for power in their eyes. So he lived half his life living with his grandparents from his father's side and another half in New York working for the Cheif. 

"When you see him, can you ask him if the spell worked?" His mom asked with a worn-out smile. When Harrison wanted to know more, his mom decided to give him the name of a man who he could meet and talk.

According to his mom, they always didn't belong to the Red clan. His great grandparents from her mother's side belonged to another clan near the town. But since the place was destroyed they ran for their life. Once his grandmother was born they returned only to join the Red clan like the other few survivors. 


"Yes, of course," Harrison replied sharing the same smile. "But what spell are we talking about? I thought you can't use magic unless it's between your own clan."

She nodded, her eyebrow furrowing once she noticed the way his voice trembled. It was no brainer that he had used his powers outside of his clan plenty of times for the clan to turn their back on them.

"I owe him a lot." She shrugged looking away. As if the truth was more than he could handle. "You think this clan gives a shit for us? They don't. The only reason they haven't kick us out because of that man. He helped us when I married your father. So when he asked me to close the gate of hell...I couldn't walk away."

Close the gate of hell...

Something like guilt crashed him when she talked. He wanted to be like her once he grew up. But the only thing he turned out to be was a ruthless Detective and a fucked-up warlock. So, choking down the disappointment, he nodded.

"Don't worry, I will surely ask him about that spell."

With that, he was marching out of the house faster than he ever ran. Though he didn't go to the place they were supposed to meet immediately. Instead, he walked around the park, thinking, listening and watching people go on their life without a hassle. 

"You were looking for me?"

Startled, he turned around to see a man around in his mid-twenties. The man was freakishly tall, hell even taller than Harrison. He had a mop of brown hair styled into a spike. His green piercing eyes were looking at Harrison in a curious manner. And that's when he noticed a ring pierced on his lips. He looked dangerous and at the same time powerful like a clan leader should. 

"I know I can be quite intimidating when I want." The man said chuckling, his voice soft yet firm. "But you are Mandy's son. So, you are practically family."

Harrison could remember some fleeting moments when he was a child. This man...he knew him from somewhere. But this was impossible. Even back then he looked exactly like this. There's no way he could miss that lip ring as this one was the only man to wear jewelry between all their clan members. 

"Dalton Jetton...?" Harrison trailed off just to be sure. Hell, this was a miracle. As if he could understand what Harrison was thinking about he walked leisurely until they were face to face.

And then a smirk formed on the man's face. "The one and only."


Guys...who have read the first book know that I've included some of the characters from it. Now indirectly you guys know what happened to hell or as plan B was supposed to go according to Lex. It's been locked so no one can get in or out. What do you think about it? And, Dalton has officially joined the group, yay!

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