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Lana had a twin sister.

She had been seeing that said sister in her dreams for years, brushing them up as a nightmare conjured by her mind. When she should have tried to find the clues. She should have asked her mom more about the girl she kept seeing in a mirror who shared the same face with Lana and was yet so different than her.

When Lana went to the adoption center, she was expecting to find an address or something that could have helped her find her birth mother. But instead, she found another child's name with her birth certificate with no mention of their mother's name or any address that could be used to track Keisha Deshayes down. So, to find her mother there was only one way left.

Find her sister...

Getting on a flight from New York to Tennessee was hard but Lana managed to do that quite easily. She was still getting used to her new powers and to her surprise, she found out that she could make people dazed for a couple of hours for her to do anything she wanted to do.

In her case, it was making fake identity and get away with it in the airport security. Which she hated to do but frankly she didn't have any other option. Everything else was sealed out in the adoption center. Lana's heart fell the more she thought about her birth mother. Didn't that woman ever expect her daughter to find her? Was her mother that afraid of the future that she abandoned both of her children altogether? 

What about her father? Did he do the same? Or was he the one forced her birth mother to give up on them? Her step-father sure ran from their family before even she could take her first step.

"What on the earth are you doing in here!?"

The sudden disturbance in the rather quiet place made Lana startled greatly. She whipped around only to see a girl watching her with surprise and shock in her eyes. The girl looked almost the same as Lana's age. After blinking a few times the girl looked around them in a frenzy as if she was checking if someone had seen them together. What was her problem?

"I'm sorry. Are you talking to me?" Lana asked with confusion clouding her face. For as long she could say, she never met this girl once in her life. So, even Lana looked around to see if the girl was talking to someone else. But no, there wasn't a single soul around them.

"Hush! Who else has a bounty on their head!? You. Of course!" The girl said in a clipped tone. Bounty. Immediately, Lana felt the threat to her life. This girl knew she was running from the cops.

"Were you following me? How did you just know I had a bounty on my head? Tell Me! And don't you dare lie!" Lana hissed wrapping the girl's wrist in hers before the girl could run away. She gripped her hand enough to draw blood and the girl let out a whimper.

There were familiar feelings again. The rage to take someone's soul. It was so strong that Lana could taste the power flowing inside of her. If the girl didn't respond in a minute then Lana was going to have nice reaping, and this time she won't be able to stop.

"You're...hurting me. Please let me go." Good, she was begging. That made Lana more excited. But she won't take her soul, not just yet.

"I thought I asked you something. How. Do. You. Know. Me?" Lana sneered pressing harder into her wound. The girl's face morphed into one of pure pain but it looked like she wasn't just physically hurt but mentally too.

But then why should Lana care?

"I'm your best friend, Gemma. I don't want to hurt you like others. Don't you remember me, Keira? Please stop! What happened to you!?"

Lana could've stopped her talking right and then but the name...that name was the one registered with her in that center. The girl was talking about Lana's twin. As if her hands burned Lana, she let go of her. Putting everything just happened behind, Lana smiled up to the girl. 

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