Her Violet Eyes - Part 4

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"HAROLD! HAROLD WAKE UP, PLEASE PLEASE WAKE UP" i climbed between the front seats frantic to make sure Harold was atleast breathing... if there was a pulse.

"come on Harold, please be okay.. please Harold" i hated crying, but i was so scared i couldn't even check for a pulse properly my hands were shaking so badly.

Harold was slumped over the stearing wheel, blood gushing out of a wound on his head, the windscreen was shattered. I reached for his neck, searching for the pulse.

Ba-dump... ba-dump...ba-dump.

He was alive.

i didn't understand how this could have happened, we were just driving, then we stopped.. no crash.. no nothing.. and then within seconds the windscreen shattered and Harold.. Harold he.. he just slumped over.

I needed to search for a phone, or some sort of way to reach help. How long had it been since we left the diner?... was it too far?


my heard jerked in suprise at the sudden noise outside. It was fairly dark and the car lights were the only real source of light, and they were shining directly on 3 people.

I stopped moving, they must have been watching me this whole time... what did they want.

At this point i couln't even tell if they were men or women, all i could see was the black clothes they wore, black jeans, black boots, black hoodie covering their faces and i definatly knew they were staring at me.

"get out of the car" What was definatly a man in the middle of them,seemed to be the one to speak.

i blinked at the softess of the mans voice, it was almost soothing but i could feel the threat behind it. i made no effort to move.

the silence stretched out.

"i said, get out of the car" He sounded like water running over stone, his voice was so smooth, it wasn't even a command, his voice made it sound liek a suggestion.

I still couldn't move, they were going to kill me if i didn't and i still felt in danger if i did. i had no choice.

In a slightly less than graceful way i managed to squeeze back through the gap in the front seats and open the passanger side door, it opened without trouble and i stumbled out of the car, surprise was the first thing i felt when my legs actually proved to work. i had been doubting my motor functions ever since i noticed the people.

"oh my god finally, i thought she would never move! my legs hurt from standing for so long"

I heard a second guys voice, was he seriously this casual in a situation like this? What the hell!

I had walked infront of the car, between the headlights, i felt to exposed next to the car, atleast now i only had to worry about what was infront of me. My whole body shook.

"wh... what you do yo.." i swallowd, trying again "what do you want from me"

i couldn't stop shaking, far out Leighton pull yourself together girl what did they always teach you at the dojo!? tonever let fear conquer you.

I wasn't going to be fears bitch today.

"awww Dane she sounds so scared, shes sooo cute!"

what was up with this guy, he's acting like its not a big deal, cause you know they only almost killed my driver.. some how. far out what is going on!

"Nathaniel, i suggest you act a little more civilised this is not a joking matter"

it was 'smooth voice guy' again, i guess he was the leader. i tried focussing properly on him but the light was making my eyes hurt, i could see them but not clearly like i should have been, they seemed of focus. Nathaniel seemed to sober up a bit, he straightened his stance and stopped talking.

the third guy(i assumed he was a guy)hadn't said anything yet.. all i could feel was his stare.

"we are here to escort you to Henningway High School" Dane moved forward a step and i tried to move back but my legs were pressed against the number plate. i was trapped

uhh... what? Harold was already escorting me there!

"uhm.. what do you mean, harold. i mean my driver was already.. driving me"

i must sound so stupid at the moment.

"not anymore. Seth if you please" This dane guy gestured to me.. and all of a sudden, only Dane and Nathaniel were standing in the light.

Before my fear caught up with me i was face to face with Seth. He was so beautiful. His skin was lightly tanned and glowed in the limited light, his lips were perfectly curved and his stubble made him look rugged in a bad boy kinda of way, but most importantly His eyes were the most amazing colour of green i'd ever seen they seared through me and i felt completely transparent, it was almost painful to look at him, he was soo soo beautiful.

Then before i could finish my very obvious ogglingi was facing the shattered windscreen and staring at Haroldsblood as is slugishly rolled down the glass, afresh wave of dizzyness hit me. Howdid i turn around so fast?!

Seths chest was pressed to my back and his arm wrapped around my waist pinning my own arms to my sides in the process, It was like he was embracing me from behind. Iwished to god that i wasn't blushing.

"i promise you won't feel a thing"

Seths voice was a sensual whisper and i was starting to wonder if my innocence was in danger, a fresh panic awoke in me.

I felt his warm breath caress my neck, it got more defined and i knew his lips were only millimetres away.

Seth kissed my neck and darkness consumed me.

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