Adrian's POV

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Today i find out the gender of my baby, and of course i know it's a boy but I'll act surprise but I'll eventually tell Kaden that i already knew it was a boy. I'm not going to work today since the freaking appointment is at 9 am so I'm here sort of rushing. I take a quick shower and wrap a towel around my body and pull up my hair into a bun so i can get to it after getting dressed. I grab a baseball style shirt with straight leg jeans and some white vans. "Come on kaden, I'm leaving" i said in a normal voice since he can hear me.

I wait 5 min and he isn't coming down and i go to his office to knock but it's already open and he's talking to someone. I thought it was a customer but i don't know. "No, i can't tell her yet ok, not yet, her hormones are all over the place and she is sensitive and this will hurt her ok, ok i love you". Hearing this i was mad, hurt and I had tears in my eyes, i can't believe he would do this to me. I tried holding back a sob and he heard and look at me and looked wide eye and guilt pass through his eyes and i turned around and tried walking as fast as i could since this belly isn't helping.

"Adrian, it's not what it looks like, ok please listen to me, please stop" "Ok so are you cheating on me" "no baby I'm not cheating ok" then who were you talking to saying I love you and saying that I'm to sensitive and that it might hurt me, huh,  what will hurt me kaden" "look babe i can't tell you yet ok" "no tell me now, who were you talking to" "look i can't tell you right now ok, I'll tell you but not yet ok" he tried hugging me but I pulled away.

I grabbed my keys and got in my car. "Wait baby let me in come on" he opened it but didn't look at him. "Babe, i want to tell you but I can't right now, I'm sorry" i ignore him and he placed his hand on my thigh and I had to resist the urge to remove it.

We arrive and i grabbed my purse and walked straight inside and signed in. I tried keeping my face emotionless but of course he sees through it. "Adrian, I'm sorry, I'll tell in ok but not now ok" "Ok whatever" he tried to kiss me but i turn my face. He sighed and grabbed my face and kissed me hard "i fucking love you Adrian, don't ever doubt that" i nodded and laid my head on his shoulder. They called me in and and started the ultrasound. "Ok so the gender of the baby is, a baby boy" i smiled and i turn to see kaden and he had tears in his eyes. "Our first baby, my heir".

After the ultrasound appointment, he drove us to a restaurant. I ordered, chicken stripes and a hamburger. "So we are having a baby boy" "yep, but I already knew" "how" "well when i was in the coma, i had a dream of them, yes we are gonna have a girl later on" "Wow that's amazing"


We arrive home and i was feeling sleepy and i changed into yoga pants and kaden t shirt and laid down till i fell asleep

♡hope you like this chapter even though it's short

~ Galilea

11 / 20/14

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