Chapter Eleven: Android to Human

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At Todd's House, many police force and an android from Cyberlife were exploring the place

Hank: Hey Connor are we done yet or what?

Connor: Lieutenant, I think I was able to crack something

Hank: oh yeah really...when do you androids never crack something

Connor: what I found out Lieutenant is that someone was helping the two androids getting away

Hank: well yeah because that Todd guy said a human were helping them

Connor: ....oh....

Hank: were you really going to tell me that?

Connor: bad I guess

Hank sighs and just looks around

Hank: androids these days are just...well strange sometimes....

Meanwhile with (Y/N) and the deviants inside the car, the human try to wake up Kara

(Y/N): Hey Kara....Wake up....

Kara opens her eyes and look at me

Kara: yes?

(Y/N): I got some clothes for you to wear just so you cannot be recognize as an android

Kara: a jacket?

(Y/N): yeah I'm sorry if It's not clean or anything more stylish but it was the only thing I could fi-

Kara: no it's fine...thank you

(Y/N): your welcome, I was able to find Alice a jacket as well...but I will just wait until she wakes up

Kara puts on the jacket and gets out of the car

Kara: is there anything else that I need to make sure I don't stand out as an android

(Y/N): well...I don't know if we could but is it possible to take off the LED on your head

Kara: I don't know, I could try but I will need to find something to take it off

(Y/N) looks around to see for anything to help Kara take off that LED, which he then saw a scissors next to a garbage bin

(Y/N): wow...throwing good material like this, I swear some people think they are rich to the point when they will lose all that crap

(Y/N) takes that scissors and walk back to Kara

(Y/N): all right would you want me to do it or you would want do it by yourself to take it off?

Kara: I don't mind if you do it

(Y/N): oh...alright then

(Y/N) gets close to Kara and use the scissors to take the LED off, which he successfully did and the LED were finally off which made Kara look like a real person

(Y/N): alright with that gone, we should do something about that hair....w-which I mean it's not bad or anything but-

Kara: I get it if I have this style then people will think look like the other AX400s

(Y/N): exactly, do you want me to cut your hair for you?

Kara: yes please

(Y/N): alright...I promise I won't cut it that short

(Y/N) gets close to Kara's hair and start cutting some parts off, after finishing it Kara looks back at me

Kara: how do I look?

(Y/N) were stunned at first but quickly shake it off

(Y/N): look like a person...which I'm not saying you didn't before

Kara: thank you anyway for doing this for me

(Y/N): problem just helping out people in need

Kara looks at the car window and thinks about more about her hair

Kara: should I change my hair colour?

(Y/N): can do that?

Kara: yes...I can change it to silver, black or blonde

(Y/N): well you could just go with blonde one since it would look good with you

Kara: good with me?

(Y/N): u-uh...I meant in a way for you to stand out around humans

Kara: oh okay, I will change my hair to blonde

Kara changes her hair to blonde and look at (Y/N)

(Y/N): see now that makes it better stand out, alright now what's next?

Kara: we should probably wake up Alice right now

(Y/N): oh yeah that's a good idea

Kara went back into the car and slowly shake Alice which she start open her eyes

Kara: Hey Alice...wake up...

Alice: look look beautiful

(Y/N): (you could say that again...damn it what's wrong with me!)

Kara: are you okay, how do you feel?

Alice: I feel...cold....

Kara grabs the purple jacket and hand it over to Alice

Kara: here (Y/N) found this for you, when you were asleep

Alice: Thank you...(Y/N)...

(Y/N): your welcome Alice, I'm just here to make sure that you don't get hurt again by that fat bastard

Alice wears her jacket and she as well as Kara leaves the car

Alice: so now...what are we going to do?

Kara: well we could follow the plan of heading to the place that the android last night told me about

(Y/N): but Kara I mean that android just came out of nowhere and help us...don't you think that's a bit odd?

Kara: I don't really see why it would be, I mean you came out of nowhere and help us...right?

(Y/N): w-well yeah but that was only...but....damn it....

Kara: I wish there was another plan (Y/N) but it doesn't seem go anywhere when we are now...well Alice and I are...deviants

(Y/N): I know...I understand...fine, then I will be coming with you

Kara: wait what?

(Y/N): I know it would not be great for me to come along but I need to see this man if he's worth trusting...just in case if he's like another Todd

Kara: oh...okay that's fine with me

(Y/N): okay now let's get going now...we have a whole to make sure we don't caught

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