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Random question, but would you say Xander is a good actor or just really good at hiding his feelings/emotions?

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Seeing scars fade is a sign of strength, not a reason to make more

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Nighttime was so much different from in the day. Whilst in the daytime the atmosphere was crowded and bustling with people and vehicle, nighttime provided the stark opposite, where everything cooled down, the sun's liquid gold rays nowhere to be seen.

Sage clutched Xander's hoodie — the one that now belonged to him — even tighter as a night chill swept through his hair and clothes, a cloud of mist condensing before his face every time he exhaled. In awe, he gazed up at the illuminated constellation of stars in the dark sky, and an unforeseen thrill of excitement seared through him, causing him to do a little twirl. He gulped the cool night air as he listened to the sound of chirping night creatures, and regardless of how much trouble he knew he could get in, nothing could deter the serenity that dwelled within him, shitting all the ugly possibilities and what if's out. He was going to enjoy the minute freedom he experienced. In fact, merely being outside made Sage feel a million times better.

He looked before him to see Xander, hands in his pockets, staring at nothing in particular. They'd been walking for two minutes thus far and no words had been exchanged, only a small smile from Sage whenever they locked eyes.

Soon enough, Xander took a detour and Sage followed, into the park. Wordlessly, Xander stopped by the bench he usually sat, but this time, he casually leaned on the back, watching as his intoxicated snowflake ambled over to him. Studying Sage and the wide smile that alighted his features despite the black eye and the miserable countenance he previously yielded, Xander's mood lightened too. Out of nowhere, Xander's mind drifted to a few days prior.

Touching Sage.

Jerking Sage off was no doubt a pivotal moment in Xander's life. At first, Xander predicted that, as a straight guy, doing anything remotely sexual with a guy would have him making a beeline in the other direction, and truth be told, even after he did, he expected to feel repulsed or regretful, but that wasn't the case. Bringing Sage to a climax didn't make Xander disgusted. Sure, it was all new and unchartered territory but for the most part his mind had involuntarily dispelled the mass of his expectation, that Sage was a guy, and hence whatever they did was immortal or wrong.

Sage wasn't disgusting or revolting though. He was just ... Sage.

And possessing the softest, most sensitive skin, delectable facial expressions and some of the softest, most erotic sounds ever produced, Xander couldn't help wanting to take it just a step further.

But, could Xander go through with it? What would sex with a guy be like?

What would sex with Sage be like?

Would it be hot and fast like with girls? Or slow, warm and gentle?

Or a meh, even?

How did sex between guys work? 

When the blond came close enough, Xander jolted the inappropriate thoughts to the back of his head and adjusted his hoodie as his pants got a bit tighter. Next, Xander relocated his hands to his pockets just as Sage leaned on the bench next to him.

His nose and cheeks had an adorable red tinge in them, flushing from the cold. He lifted his sweater paws before his face and exhaled mist, finding mirth in the trivial act and giggling as a result.

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